Sunday, February 20, 2005


Just a quick mofo's update. As you probably heard, the mofos lost again. Competing hard but in the end loosing two close games.Both were 2-1 losses. And both losses now mean the mofo's may be out of playoff contention again. Only two weeks of the season remain. And with only one win its looking like it'll take a miracle, so here's hoping.
Some highlights of the evening included, Dave getting his coin tossing privileges revoked (yet again!). Ian falling or what looked like Ian making a kick save. Ian taking breaks every 5 mins. Dave freaking out at another team's member for taking our rock. And on a personal highlight. My first attempt at skip going smoothly....somewhat.
Both games were winable, which is why it stings a little more this week then last. All I can say is that we're getting better, not getting our asses subsequently handed to us anymore, but I just wish we could win. Hopefully we will next week, and hopefully I'll get to skip again. Anyway that about wraps this up. Hurry Hard!

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Blogger Graham said...

How I wish, how I wish I was there. Sadly, somebody needed to sell condoms and jigsaw puzzles to slovenly men.

12:32 AM

Blogger Dunning said...

You missed a classic.

1:13 AM


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