Thursday, April 21, 2005


Today was a good day. Went downtown for several reasons. Looked at another Lexus and started negotiations again. Then it was on to the comic shop downtown to purchase some trades. After which we had an appointment in New West to go to. So in between the two hours I had to kill we went to the Casino. I played all of 9 quarters and won 300 bucks. Needless to say I was happy. Im putting it towards my IPOD, which I've already started shopping around for. Also got my grades back finally from SFU, one A two B-......again happy. To top off the evening the Family channel was playing Adventures in Babysitting, which is a highly underrated movie. Anyway that pretty much summed up my day. There should be more updates tomorrow. Anyway Im going to go read.

Current Comic: Strange-by Straczynski
Current Music: Death Cab For Cutie-Sound of Settling


Blogger Graham said...

Today is the greatest day you've ever known. Can't live for tomorrow. Tomorrow's much too long. You'll burn your eyes out before you get out.

2:25 AM

Blogger Graham said...

Incidentally, I hope you realize what a charmed life you lead.

2:26 AM

Blogger VG said...

I would like to see you doing hard-line negotiations for a Lexus.

8:22 AM

Blogger VG said...

Watch the coming week's Smallville. Chloe gets bitch slapped. Hard. That alsone is well worth watching.

5:48 PM

Blogger Dickolas Wang said...

What you got against Chloe?

1:54 AM

Blogger Dickolas Wang said...

P.S. it's "iPod"

1:56 AM

Blogger VG said...

She contributes to the crappiness that is Smallville and the ruin of one of my favorite fictional characters.

Chloe: "Oh Clark, I want to sleep with you because I am sooo desperate!"

Clark: "No, it wouldn't be right,and not because you're unattractive and weird. No, it's because I'm more of a little girl than an actual man!"

11:40 AM

Blogger Dickolas Wang said...

Don't talk about my Chloe like that. Bitch.

Seriously though, Smallville really isn't a very good show. Now if only I could stop watching it.

5:57 PM


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