Monday, July 25, 2005


I have three days off. Anyone wanna do something? I also have friday off as well. Im pretty sure. I cant really recall anymore, as all I can hear in my head is that horrible beeping. God damn technology.

Current Comic: Marvel Masterworks-by stan lee
Current Music: Decemberists-We both go down together
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Blogger M Rexin said...

I have a bit more leave this week so give me a call on wed as I get back tuesday night

5:06 AM

Blogger dinning said...

didn't you do anything else in vegas dunning? anything?

8:40 AM

Blogger Dunning said...

m rexin
Sure. I might be out during the day on wednesday but the evening is free.

You dont seriously want me to post the 114 other Vegas pictures on here do you?

12:25 PM

Blogger dinning said...

I think I speak for all the Dunningphiles when I say YES.

8:39 PM

Blogger dinning said...

My use of the term Dunningphile led me to Wikipedia and the researching of various "-philias". Below is just a brief selection of what wikipedia has to offer here:

(Man, does my time on the internet ever go from mundane to fucked up in a hurry)

1) Acrotomophilia - A sexual attraction to amputees or others missing limbs (Apotemnophilia is the desire to amputate a healthy limb)

2) Emetophilia - Sexual attraction to vomit

3) Forniphilia - Love of making furniture from humans in bondage

4) Islandophilia - Love of Iceland, Icelandic culture, etc.

5) Klismaphilia - Sexual pleasure from enemas

6) Vorarephilia - Sexual attraction to being eaten by or eating another person

By the way, each of these terms has their own individual page on wikipedia.

On another note, there's now a solid chance that when someone googles one of the above terms, they'll be heading to this blog. Have fun with the forniphiles, Dunning.

8:53 PM

Blogger VG said...

Hurry up, damn you! I just know you're doing this on purpose.


10:04 PM

Blogger Dunning said...

Honestly that thought never occured to me.....until now.


11:29 PM

Blogger VG said...

For you:

11:53 AM


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