Saturday, September 24, 2005

The Concert.

The Good
* Finally seeing Dan Bejar and the rest of destroyer
* Hearing Dan Bejar sing The Sublimation Hour
* Seeing the opening act immaculate machine-really good band
* buying the immaculate machine cd along with twin cinema
* seeing that graham hasnt lost his touch-man needs to be surround by drunk girls all the time
* Knowing that I went to the best concert ever
* oh and the fleetwood mac cover

The Bad
* Getting my big toe stepped on repeatedly-you dont need to mosh to the new pornographers
* the stench of pot
* the fact that i have to work tomorrow and complete an essay for the end of the week
* The convient charge on the ticket-thankfully the show was worth it

The Ugly
* the chick who kept stepping on my foot

The Sidenote
1 week till Serenity
7 days till smallville
3 cds bought this year.

Current Music: Immaculate Machine-so cynical
Current Comic: 1602 new world-Pack


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