Friday, August 19, 2005

For the kids....

Those who know me, know I love dance 360. Well today's episode toped them all. Today's episode of dance 360 was "for the kids". This meant that the dancers age ranged from 6 to 10. Needless to say this episode was chalked full of awesome. The only downside was of course DJ K-Sly. Perhaps the most useless DJ there is.
Also while watching some MuchMusic today I found out that Rick Campanelli is leaving the show.
I also found out that I watch too much much music.

So with that in mind I switched too cnbc where I watched some show called Mad Money.

Its also chalked full of awesome. I never thought I would ever get pumped over stock tips, but man this show made that possible.

So much quality tv. So little time.


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