Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Durnken Dunning: An update!!

Nope. Im not drunk, yeah I know its heartbreaking but bare with me please. I have an announcement to make in regards to Durnken Dunning. I think that Durnken Dunning needs a wider category of topics too choose from. Being surly and angry and having no concept of grammar is all well and good. Yet I think it needs something more. Not just more booze, though that would help. I wonder what durnken dunning would be like on tequila? Im getting a little off topic here. My announcement is that for the next 5 Durnken Dunnning posts, I'll be talking on a certain subject. And hopefully staying on course with it. They will be as follows.

5. Quantum Physics: The Wormhole
4. The space time continuum-time travel
3. Conservatism-a dying art form
2. Popular culture-celebrities and the ones who annoy me
1. Durken Dunning Story Telling- A collection of short stories and drunken poems.

These are topics I have come up with. Yet if you have any Durnken Dunning suggestions then please make them. Though remember there will be only five of these. So space is limited. After the five im going back to rambling about nothing.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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2:59 AM

Blogger dinning said...

6) Blog Spam - waste of space or much needed companionship?

8:09 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi there, you have a most interesting blog! I would like to touch your hair and smell you. Please come visit my website. ;-)

10:15 PM

Blogger Dunning said...

Dinning thats not a bad idea.
And to everyone else DO NOT CLICK ON THAT SECOND LINK!

12:42 AM

Blogger Dunning said...

7) Dunning-the fact that no one reads this site. And yet i still write.

12:48 AM

Blogger Li'l Devilangel said...

Hi there! I love ur site! U should come see mine.. its new, so theres only 1 post, but I will add more in the months that come. LOL. Your funny, u should totally write about stuff while your drunk. Did u go to Riverside? My msn is babeedollhunnie91 so u can add me. L8R! :P


1:52 AM


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