Monday, September 05, 2005


Well this is it. Summers over. Im sad to see it go. If I was to rate this summer, id have to give four stars (or one and a half thumbs up). Comic-Con and Vegas both made my summer worth while. Of course the only downfall of the summer was actually finding work at petro can (and that's just not the laziness talking). God I hate my job. Which reminds me I have to work tomorrow. Its going to be a double fun day.
I guess I should have made more of my last day before school, but a whedon marathon was on space, and as I mentioned before im lazy.
And on a final note, I wonder how much Shakespeare I can take this semester before it finally cracks me.

Current Music: New Pornographers-Use it, Franz Ferdinand-Do you want to
Current Comic: Amazing Spiderman-Straczynski
Current Shakespeare: Titus Andronicus


Anonymous Anonymous said...

If we had to rate you, we'd give you 5 stars and two full thumbs up.

--VG <3

5:39 PM


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