Saturday, October 08, 2005


Just got back from the Arcade fire concert. It was really good. I was pretty happy with it overall, and im glad I went. My only beef with it, was the stupid hipster crowd trying to mosh to wake up. I mean, im sure not all hipsters are bad. Not all indie kids act this way. So it might have just been this crowd, but there seemed to be a lot more shoving and pushing and butting in, then I was used to.
I guess I should be used to it by now. I mean it comes with the territory, when one goes to concerts. But it would be nice, if just once, just once they said excuse me. Or pardon me. Or could you please move, instead of shoving you aside like they own the place. I know its something that I should come to expect with concerts but still, where have manners gone to these days?
Another gripe I had was people butting in and standing right in front of you; I mean, I didn't pay 40 bucks to stair at the back of your head or be toppled over or stepped on or have your hair shoved in my face. And no I don't care that your friends are over there, you should have stayed with them, and if they really are your friends as you claim them to be, why the hell did they leave you?
Anyway Im getting off topic, cause the thought of all the stupid hipsters is getting me irritated, and for that im sorry.
I'll leave this post by closing with, the concert was good. The Arcade fire were awesome and the two best songs from the set would have to be No Cars Go and Wake UP. I was also impressed with the opening acts, Wolfe Parade were great even though the sound could have been a little better. And Belle Orch were good too. All in all it was a good show.
Anyway I've rambled for long enough, so im going to go do some reading and finish off that essay. Later.

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I'd like to read a post of you just bashing hipsters

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