Monday, October 10, 2005

The worst shift ever.

Fuck. I was going to post about the posters I got framed. And put up some pics of them. But after the shift I had tonight. I think im just going to grab some strong tylenol and cry in my beer.
This has not been a good thanksgiving. First I have to work for a shit ass company that wont even give me holiday pay. Second I have to deal with all the asshole public (and im not saying everyone) but the majority of you, need to leave your shit at home. I don't need to deal with your fuck all attitude. If your rude to me, well guess what, I don't want your business. This is something I learned tonight. Its amazing what people can do when they're pissed off.
Second. I've had it with the crack addicts and bums in poco. You will get no more toleration from me. Im not giving you any more change or free shit from my store. In fact I don't want you in and around the store, and especially not for three hours. Go whore yourselves out somewhere else (not that you'll ever read this). And when management tells you to leave, you don't go and throw coffee and shit all over the place. Thankgod for night managers.
Second. Managers don't know shit. Im sorry but they dont. If they did they wouldn't put the two most inexperienced people on the same shift and ask them to deal with closing for the first time with no prior experience. This is not helpful. And its even less helpful when you try and talk someone through it on the phone. Especially when there are 8 angry people in the store. Who eventually will make me snap.
Fuck I need to find another job. And one that's more flexible with hours. I just need to find a better job in general. Fuck I hate my job. And bums.

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