Friday, April 07, 2006


Well, I suppose I should update this thing. Honestly though, I've had no desire to do so. I think I've officially ran out of stuff to talk about on this blog. Even now as im typing this, I realize I have nothing to say. Have I really become this uninteresting? Maybe this is what university does to a person. Maybe its just the lack of sleep from all the friggen essays. Whatever the case Im just not feelin the blog anymore. Maybe after exams are over, I'll buy a bottle kick back and do some serious blogging. Seems to be all you people want me to do anyway. Am I really that fun of a drunk? I guess I'll never know. Alright. Well, this is going nowhere fast, so I think I'll call it for now.

Current Comic: Angel City Of Scriptbook-Whedon
Current Music: CCR-Have you ever seen the rain


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