Saturday, March 10, 2007


So I just got back from 300 with div. The verdict is that its good. Not perfect. I still liked it though. Id give it a 7.75 out of ten. Not quite an 8 mind you, but close enough. I think that visually stunning, would be the way to go. On the other hand its got some slow in parts. When Sin City opened i was immediately drawn in. This took awhile for me to get amped. I doubt it needed to be 2hrs.
This was a bit of a different movie, but then again its a bit of a different graphic novel. All that pride and honor talk can sometimes feel a little heavy handed and drawn out. Still there really wasn't a whole lot of dialogue in this movie at all, so I'm nit picking i guess. In the end this stayed true to form. And yeah was visually stunning. Will it win best picture. No. Will it be nominated for anything. I doubt it. I still had fun though. So for me it was worth the price of admission. So go see it, and come back with your shield, or on it.

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