Friday, March 23, 2007

Blogging about nothing.

Three more weeks. Then Summer. Hopefully no more rain. On tuesday and wednesday it snowed at sfu. SNOWED! Isnt it march? Arent we in spring? flowers blooming, birds singing all that crap? Global warmings a myth. It hasnt been warm in months. Im tired of it. When will it end?
Also. I've been on a real Decemberists kick. I wasnt really thrilled with the crane wife album when it first came out. However, over the last few weeks its become one of my favorite albums to listen to. Good bus music. I think if i had to rank the Decemberists albums for me right now it go: Crane Wife, Picaresque, Her Majesty the decemberists, Castaways and cutouts. For now thats really all I've been listening to lately. I have a few other albums but I keep forgetting about them.
Yeah. Thats about it. Smallvilles gone back to the suck. They take something with great potential and just ruin it. That shows wearing me down. Thankfully I still have Lost to keep me interested in tv. Until Heroes is back.
Anyway Id blog about other stuff right now. But Im going to do a bit of self censorship. Plus I need to start writing. So I think im going to go do that.

Current Comic: Buffy the Vampire Slayer "Season 8"-Whedon
Current Music: Decemberists-Sons and daughters


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