Saturday, November 17, 2007


Christmas used to be my favorite time of year. It really did. I guess its still up there in terms of holidays. But its not really the same.
I don't really feel that family togetherness anymore. Coming from a divorced family i guess i never really did. But Christmas always made it seem...Well it was better. And now that I'm bitter and old. And now that the family is smaller. And the holiday is even more commercialized. I find myself thinking more and more what the fucks the point?
For the last few years we've been doing this stupid ass secret Santa thing. Apparently we're on a budget. Anyway to me this totally defeats the purpose of the holiday. This is not the spirit of Christmas. This is not the spirit of anything! This is the spirit of cheapness. Maybe.
Perhaps its just my nature. I like giving gifts. Mainly cause i don't really need anything myself. And well it makes me happy to, so i guess its a little selfish. Plus i like to think of myself as a good gift giver. That might not be the case but well who knows.
Ive come to the conclusion though in the last few months that I'm going to focus Christmas mainly on my friends now. I mean lets face it. I'm not married. And I sure as hell don't want a family of my own anytime soon. So who else is there for me to splurge idiotic amounts of money on? You guys!
But what about those friends you haven't really known all that long or feel all that connected to. Well okay there's a connection sure but you all know what i mean. Whats the etiquette for gift giving? Nothing pisses me off more when i tell someone I'm going to get them something and they respond "oh you don't have to get me anything". Really? No fuck. That's kinda the point. Its a gift. Nobody has to give you a gift. Gifts are given on the sole purpose that someone wants to do something nice for you. So shut up you ass.
I guess in the end gifts are a judgement call. Both by me and my visa bill. Regardless theres going to be a few new names in the Christmas pile this year. Gifts will be given so help me god. Course by the 24th I may just say fuck it all and everyone might get a varity of alchol. Until then though Im actually going to put some thought into it. I swear.

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