Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Battle Rap

This is a challenge for any who'll face me
I offer a battle rap with a nominal fee
I'll take on any challengers and make them disgraces
Like the Sand People of Tatooine I'll be up in their faces

I free style like Cena
I rap like Snoop Dogg
I swing the bat harder then
hall of famer Wade Boggs

So step up to the challenge
and grab the mic
because I'm that damn good
they call me Mr. Fantastic!


Blogger dinning said...

I don't know where to begin, but man you can't rap
I got more elegant tunes shooting from my nut sack

Your poetic form is all over the place
Kinda like what happens when I nut on your face

Most of the words you have chosen don't seem to rhyme
So I say practice instead of jerking off all the time

4:40 PM

Blogger Dunning said...

I don't know what you're saying
My free style is perfect
Im in the poll position
number one on the circuit

Your rap aint fly
so don't come into my hood
I don't think Im the best
I know, its understood

All the ladies love me
and all the fella's are jealous
don't worry about this homeboy
I aint too over zealous

Time to wrap things up
in the literal sense
Your game is too weak
You need to work on your offense

10:18 PM

Blogger Graham said...

y'all motherfuckers ain't got shit on me, bitches
I'm the Genie of Rhyme, but you ain't gettin' no wishes
I be dishin' the lyrics, made my verbiage vicious
I'm effusive and eloquent while I'm fuckin' yo missus
it's MY dick she kissin'
y'all don't know what you missin'
yo bitch suck a mean dick
like she on a mission
I mean it, a'ight?
Dawg, you know I ain't foolin'
cause I can't tell a lie, nigga,
I seen yo bitch droolin' all over my cock
like it some kind of delicacy prepared in a crock pot
I'm so hot she ain't got no choice
and she just gotta make her lips moist
like a towelette or sumfin
and cry out wit her voice
"God, I need yo big cock, Graham"
but pronouncin' it right
unlike all y'all bitches callin' me "Gram" or some shite
It be "Grey" like tha tea
it be "Ham" like tha swine
y'all be sayin' it wrong
but I know that in time
when I make yo bitch mine
you be tryin' to whine to me
tellin' me, "Gram, why you so fuckin' fine?"
and I'll grab both yo nuts
and I'll tie them with twine
and I'll tighten the knot 'til you out o' yo mind
then I'll pull out a match and I'll set you alight
and I'll drag you outside in the black o' tha night
and I'll watch while you burn
and I'll laugh at yo' plight
then we'll see if you learn how to say my name right.

Yeeeeah. Word. Poco Pride fo' life.

Peace, I'm out.

12:49 AM

Blogger Dunning said...

Ya think you bested me
cause you write longer rhymes
well check dis shit out
Im doing double time

You may have skill
and a thesaurus handy
but you got no style
and you rhyme like a pansy

me I roll with the best
always drapped in cashmere
dont worry about your god
cause im the one you should fear

I roll out like the autobots
and come in hard and heavy
you best get your game together
cause you sure dont look ready

Im a living legend
Im simply the best
You be messing with my girl?
I'll put a bullet through your chest

I got more bling
then anyone combined
I can drop fifty thousand
or get it from my diamond mine

dont get me wrong now
Im peacefull like Gandhi
which is why all these bitches
have to get up on me

you think my game is weak?
cause I refernce pop culture
you better watch yourself
before I pick you apart like a vulture

Im the baddest mofo
there is out today
so go ahead and test me
like Burger king says you can get it your way

You may be dissin my game
and throwing your fits
Im not worried son
cause your the one with chapped lips

I defy anyone
who has rhyme like mine
Im like a Greek god
smarter then Albert Einstein

I grow tired of this rap
its obvious I cant be bested
So I leave you with the words of marvel comics
"Nuff Said"

1:14 PM

Blogger M Rexin said...

You think I just up and forgot about this game
well, I got news for you son, I still got the fame
It's like a BoSox world series but a little bit more
I'm like Jordan in his prime, the one you waitin for

You talk about badass you are cause carry a piece
I carry a C-seven, now who's disturbing the peace?
I throw out hits that be rougher than Bertuzzi
I drive by your house and spray it with an uzi

You droppin name checks like theyre going out of style
If this shit was a race, you'd be beat by a mile
I got words for each of you, simple as that
If you dont like my mouth, you can talk to the Gatt

Slim Jim, youre so far out of your league
go back home to mommy, wipe your eyes on your sleeve
You got the absolute worst flow among all these posers
so back home and whack it to that Hillary Duff poster

Gray,hmm, where do I begin with this piece of shit?
You be dropping slang as much as you see fit?
I cant let you get away with droppin N-bombs, bitch
That's so far offside, you dont even deserve the ditch

I'll call all my real brothers, Quebec to H-town
When the real shit happens ,you best not stick around
We all carry C-sevens, and all you got is a knife
put a hole in your head and then go fuck your wife

Youre out of your league punk, stick to the minors
You fuck with me, you get the Steiner recliner
I can drop the F-5 and then give you the elbow
If you dont know by now, I'm the whole damn show

The finale is coming up, so call the coroner
I leave no one alive, then I listen to Foreigner
I've been waiting, for a girl like you, to die
These next few verses are true, I dont need to lie

Mike, I admit, I gotta give you some prop
Youve been improving, but I'm still at the top
You can cut the others down with a swing like Larry
But stand next to me, it's like JFK versus Kerry

slam you harder than the Yanks in Damon's game seven
I rhyme circles around you, you'd think youre in heaven
You copy Stan Lee, and say there's "nuff said"
well I dont know about you, but I sure aint dead

I still got the crown, among all these pretenders
you playing on no name brand, I playing on Fenders
I'm like John A Macdonald, best of the best
youre like Traci Lords, quickly undressed

Now to throw in the towel, I need to go out
so yall just take it, there's no need to pout
This game is over, I've got the high score
youre trying to speak but I got the floor

1:45 PM

Blogger Dunning said...

No wait, you're kiddin me?
think I'll give you mad props?
Your rap spirals down
more then Kerry flip flops

You got skills I admit
but you aint on top
now step out the way bitch
and check out what Im about to drop

Its been a long time coming
but let me speak on dis
I know Im dead sexy
girls get your freak on this

My rhyme flows quickly
its all about A, B, B, A
before long I'll have you crying on tv
like that bitch Tammy Faye

You think you're fly boy?
well Im your kryptonite
just know im living it up
while your home wackin to milf sites

Im a limousine riding
son of a gun
you got to beat the man to be the man
but you aint even half of one

Im large and in Charge
like freakin Don Coreleone
you be tryin to score
while Im already makin her moan

You call this a battle rap
but I call this a slaughter
I've bested you son
the rest of this is just fodder

Dont worry about nothing
I aint staging a revolution
I play it safe here
my rhmyes are like nuclear fusion

They're dangerous and heavy
because I make them "sick"
they'll gut you faster then
wolverine's old snik-itty snik

Dont worry about me
Im a time tested classic
my rhymes are here forever
while yours are just flaccid

Dont know what that means?
Go look it up, just for fun
it fits this scenario
cause we're about done

Im like a feature film
you're the dvd extras
Im the reason to watch
while nobody really getcha

Thats it, we're done
time for me to go
Im tired of punking you out
like Cobra Commander on Destro.

3:06 AM

Blogger Graham said...

I'd like to point out that everyone's raps read like Dr. Seuss stories. That is all.

5:49 PM

Anonymous Anthony merritt said...

how many days n nights
will this life go on
caught up in a strugle
livn life as a hustler
lower class labeled as strugler
tired of livn the tipical life
blowen treez ta ez my mind
tryn ta keep my mind in a straight line haft the time
only one life make it shine
now its mine

11:00 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

cut it out wack niggaz can relax while i apply the wax in this game cause im polished and spitting posins out of these lyrical fangs so let the words rane out and the pressure push the lames out fellow my words and quotes my lines ha ha yeah i blew your flame out you fucking your girl yeah she scream my name out now you want to take it ta weapons its cool i roll with a team of leathal weapons samuel jackson and mhale gipson crushing you wack emcees like soft vixens to stand from my lyrical attacks you need suspenion

3:43 PM


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