Monday, October 18, 2004


So, apparently everyone was too busy for curling this weekend. So they'll be no Suave Mofo updates this week sadly. I wanted to go, but instead I decided to stay home and study, as well when no one else was going. Im not sure if it will affect our standings by not showing up, but since we haven't won a game yet Im guessing no. So Im disappointed that I missed out on the curling, but Im happy to see that Boston finally won a game.
My free copy of X-men 2 came in the mail the other day, I plan on watching it sometime after my exam Tuesday. Though I'll probably wait till Wednesday cause Smallville's on Tuesday. Anyway not much else to say really, except for the fact that I really need to get going on the studying, and that paper, but the paper isn't due till mid November so I got sometime still on that. Anyway I think Im going to go do some studying now, so I'll try to blog some more tomorrow at some point, or sometime Tuesday.

Current Comic: Marvel Knights 4 by Aguirre Sacasa
Current Music: The Shins-new slang
Radiohead-true love waits
Jeff Buckley-So Real


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