Thursday, October 14, 2004

Just wanna sing.....Just wanna Dance

So lately I've been thinking that, one of these days, I should really go try out some karaoke. But then two thoughts enter my head. One, could I bring myself to actually get up in front of people and sing. Two, what the hell would I sing, or more to the point what would I want to sing that they would have to offer. And I think the answer to question one is probably yes, if im drunk enough. And for the answer to question two, well Im not so sure. I've come up with a few ideas but then I just go right back to thinking could I actually do this and why. I'm afraid I don't have an answer at this point. Maybe I need to find one of those karaoke places where you don't actually need to be in front of a bunch of people but instead, have a small room with some friends (like "lost in translation" if I remember that correctly).
The other thing that I need to get out of my system at some point is disco dancing. Maybe it was the fact I saw Saturday Night Fever for the 38th time the other day, but I now kinda want to go to a disco club. Do we even have disco clubs anymore? I hope so cause I've realized that, that's the only music I can really dance too. Which makes me sad.
I dunno maybe I need to find some way to combine these two ideas, into one momentous event. But I cant think of anyway to actually do that.....Suggestions?

Current Music: Abba-Fernando
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Blogger M Rexin said...

they have 70's nights at the commodore on tuesdays,( well, they had them before I left) so there you go for disco dancing...and thanks for taking my suggestions by the way

12:40 PM


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