Wednesday, December 15, 2004

5 min break.

Okay, so I've been at this studying for 5 hours now and I think I might actually snap. I never want to see the words, Privatization, Crown Corporations, or New Public Management ever again. Im so looking forward to this weekend, when I can get back into my regular schedule of sitting on my ass.
So with that in mind, here is what Im thinking of doing this weekend at some point. First I kinda want to see Oceans 12, Im not sure if its even out yet, but any chance too make fun of Clooney's acting, I simply cant pass up. He's among the worst actors out there, next to Keanu Reeves. Second I plan on playing an extensive amount of Video Games and Holdem. Well I guess you could put the Holdem under video games. As I have it on my pc now, and it might just be the greatest casino game, I've ever played. I also plan on watching more of Angel season 4 and catching up on my comic reading. Oh, and at some point I should probably go out and buy some Christmas gifts.
Anyway that about wraps it up, I better get back to studying. But I'll leave you now with a list of my favorite actors, enjoy.
1. Robert Redford 2. James Dean 3. Paul Newman 4. Sean Connery 5. Samuel L Jackson

Current Music: The Asbestos Concern-7/4 riff song, Mike and the Mechanics-the living years
Current Comic: Punisher Max-by Ennis


Blogger Graham said...

5 hours??? OH NOES!!!!!!!!!

Oh, and I deem your taste in music today "awesome."

12:53 AM

Blogger Graham said...

Oh, and since I didn't catch it the first time, you're way off on George Clooney. He's the modern Cary Grant.

2:25 AM

Blogger Graham said...

I also just noticed that George Clooney's initials are Cary Grant's inverted.

That is all.

I promise.

3:00 AM


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