Monday, December 13, 2004


Okay, so I tried updating yesterday, and ran into some problems. So, Im here trying again and hopefully this time it works. Anyway I went to the "Brad May and Friends" game yesterday. It was pretty good overall. It was just nice to see some Hockey again. And it made me realize, how much I actually miss the NHL, or Hockey in general. So I think for next semester, I'll be on the look out to see if I can find any teams or clubs up at SFU. I'll still keep up with curling of course. The seats I had, were pretty decent, I was 13 rows from the ice, and 6 away from Matt Cooke and his family. He left half way to play the second game. The games themselves, were fairly entertaining. Even some of the Giants managed to impress. Infact, the only thing that bothered me during the whole event, would have been the idiots sitting behind us, yelling free Bert. That's really getting old.
Oh, and Im not sure who was doing the interviews in between periods, but he really sucked. I mean can't these people think of better questions to ask then "what's it like to play with NHL players, are you enjoying it". I mean what's the kid going to say? "No, I don't enjoy it, it sucks balls"
After the game, we went to one of the worst casinos, I've ever been to. Though I still managed to come out 20 dollars ahead.
What else? Oh, I got into my class finally, so Im looking at 2 English and 1 Philosophy next semester. Though I'm still debating if I should take on a fourth. If I do it's most likely going to be in English as well. Anyway there wasn't much else, that I wanted to talk about. And I really should start on some serious studying for this final. I have done some, but not enough. So, if I don't update in the next couple of days you'll know why. But keep checking, just in case.

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Blogger M Rexin said...

nice choice of song with the gambler. Especially obnoxious at the game was some girl sitting a few rows down from me who had a sign that said "brad may=genius!!". Ugh, people got a little too into a game that was a glorified scrimmage. Oh yeah, I sat right near Alex Auld and Johan Hedberg, so where were you?

8:01 PM

Blogger Dunning said...

I was about 2 sections away from you. Pretty much right behind the net. But I know where you're talking about, they kept putting that sign on the screen.

1:14 AM

Blogger VG said...

Rot! Rot in hell!

5:46 PM


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