Tuesday, December 21, 2004


So, I've finished about 96.7% of my Christmas shopping. And if Im ever back within the confines of a mall, it'll be too soon. I went and picked up my books for next semester at SFU, and it looks like its going to be an insane amount of reading this semester. First up on the agenda, Beowulf. It should make for an interesting read. Im actually kinda looking forward to next semester which, in itself is a bit weird. There really isn't that much else, that I can think of. Got a bunch of people coming in for the weekend. So I've been doing massive amounts of house cleaning. Not just for their benefit mind you, but its for also for when I refurnish my room, which should be happening in the next couple of weeks. Hardwood floors here I come. Anyway, that about wraps up this blog session, I think Im going to go do something constructive.

Current Comic: Daredevil-by Bendis
Current Music: Ted Leo and the pharmacists-where have all the rude boys gone?


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