Thursday, July 28, 2005

Comic Con 2005

So with out any further adue, here now are some of the highlights from comic con.

If its one thing that this holiday taught me, is that the best two groups to gather in masses are drunks and dorks.

The Hall

The Dorks

The man the myth the legend....Dunning. And stan lee is there too.

Through hellfire and brimestone its KANE

Its Kenny Baker


Bruce Campbell. The ironic thing about this pic is that I have never seen Army of
darkness. And if I have I really dont remember it.

All I could think of when I met Margret Kidder, was that Family guy episode. The one where she was over for dinner and went insaine. It was later explained to me after meeting her, that she actually did go insaine at one point.

Amber Benson from buffy fame

Nicholas Brendon from buffy fame

Mike Mignola creator of Hellboy. He did a sketch for me and gave me a hat.

Legendary artist Jim Lee

Legendary artist Michael Turner. Best in the buisness.

Artist Tim Sale

Artist Andy Kubert

Artist Del'Otto

Artist Ian Churchill

Artist Ed Mcguiness

Writer Jeph Loeb. One of my favorites

Writer Geoff Johns

Writer Brian Azzarello

Writer J Michael Strazinky

Writer Judd Winick

Writer Greg Rucka

Other People I met but didnt get a picture with: the entire cast of serenity including my personal hero Joss Whedon. The Rock. Charlize Theoren

Things I bought while in San Diego: 4 T Shirts one of which was a thundercats. A poker table. An art work of the JLA by alex ross. Bookends that havent arrived yet. And books.

So thats the majority of the pics. Hope you enjoyed them.


Blogger Dickolas Wang said...

Do you want me to help you make the pictures and the text line up?

11:53 PM

Blogger dinning said...

So you decided to have your picture taken with a 70 year old midget rather than with Charlize Theron?

Good call, Dunning.

11:59 AM

Blogger Dunning said...

It was decided for me. Apparently her people werent allowing photography as it was a press signing. And its not just any midget he was fucking R2D2. Show respect ya jerk!

2:06 PM


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