Sunday, October 16, 2005


I dunno why. But im overwhelmed with this feeling of obligation. Not for work, or school but obligation for bloging. My bloging skills as you can probably tell, have really gone downhill. Not that they were ever up. But they're on a steady decline lately.
I blame this recent occurrence of crappy blogging on school. That and the fact no one reads this blog. I also blame the recent occurrence of crappy blogging on the lack of alcohol. There hasn't been a Durken Dunning for months now. At least it feels that way. The solution to this problem people is obvious. So who wants to buy me some Rum? Anyone? Anyone? Yeah I didn't think so.
To combat my steady decline of blogging skills, I thought Id respond to some of the lame questionnaires on Dickolas Wangs site. At this point though, I've talked myself out of it. Mainly because no one would be interested in it. And I don't have the time to go through it.
Next I was going to bitch and complain about getting screwed out of a poker hand tonight. But seeing as how everyone agrees that I lost that hand. Its a feudal effort on my part to continue it any further.
I think I'll have to revamp this blog a little bit over the next couple of days. Any suggestions would be helpful. Along with any alcohol. And now I leave you with a list of currents.

Current CD's in rotation: Sufjan Stevens-Illinois. Franz Ferdinand-You could have it so much better. Death Cab For Cutie-Plans. New Pornographers-Twin Cinema. Radiohead-Kid A.
Current Music: Immaculate Machine-No Way Out
Current Comic: House of M-Bendis
Current Shakespeare: Richard II
Current Book: The Da Vinci Code
Current Framed Pictures in room: 3
Current blogging skills: 2 out of 10


Blogger M Rexin said...

for the sake of the blog, it seems like you need to be perpetually drunk.

9:26 AM


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