Saturday, April 07, 2007

Im bored. So this wont end well.

Im bored. I need more things to occupy my time. Actually i should be doing my final. But screw that Ive got two whole more days. The canucks sealed up third place and Im happy. I also had an interview this week. Hooray?
So am I the only one who is not on facebook? What is up with this thing? I dont get it. I dont want to get it. I dont think I'll ever join it. Yet people cant stop talking about it. Ha! I barely like the friends I have now, why do I need more pretend ones who I'll never see or talk to in real life? Okay that friends comment was a little harsh and unfair. Still I like to think my point is valid.
Facebook and myspace have become like a plauge. Its like Outbreak but without the monkey. And Morgan Freeman. I miss Morgan Freemans sage like wisdom. Maybe I'll go watch Shawshank Redemption. YOU HAVENT SEEN SHAWSHANK. You should. I also watched the Big Lebowski for like the hundreth time this weekend. Cause this weekend was all about the wacky fun. Wasnt I supposed to be in whistler? You all peed on my valued rug.

Current Music: Bloc Party-Blue Light
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