Sunday, April 01, 2007

You win this round conga line.

Oh man. Im so going to pay for this in the morning. Stupid sweet nector of rum. Why do you tempt me? There should be a greek god for alchol. There was for everything else. God damn. Im to old to be doing this anymore. And now i have kung fu fighting stuck in my head. I'll have to admit it is indeed a little bit frightning.
My life needs to have more togas and conga lines. A line of any kind is a good thing except for when nature calls. And what pisses me off more than anything is when people piss on the seat. We have toliet paper for a reason people! Wipe it the fuck up.
Damn i love the foggy dew. Why dont we go there more often. Okay i say that now when im drunk but will I say it when im sober. Survey says yes. Stupid game shows. Oh god damnt. Im really out of practice with this whole thing. Why do all cover bands cover Bryan Adams? Not that im complainging, but come up with something original. And play more JOURNEY! I wont stop believing till you do.
Damn that wasnt even funny. I think i should go throw up now. OR sleep. Just not both. Good times!

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Blogger carib_stylz said...

I believe there is a Greek god for alcohol (wine)... Bacchus.

This was truly a very humourous entry!

3:18 AM

Blogger Dunning said...

Im glad someone out there still appreciates my incoherent drunken rants. Makes me feel a little bit better bout drinking all that booze. Why did i do doubles?

2:07 PM


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