Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Talky talk.

Well. I had my big old presentation today. As far back as grade seven, I remember having a giant fear of them. I don't know why really. I never used to be like that. Well today though was good. Or at least it was one of my better ones.
I still hate them and probably always will. I dunno why there's added pressure. But its there and its not going away. So i shut up like i always do and do something i don't like doing.
Maybe it was the class size this time though but for some reason i didn't suck as much. Maybe I'm just getting better at it. They all seemed to like my bad jokes. The dreaded ice breakers as it were. I dunno. But i think this might have gone well.

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Blogger carib_stylz said...

Glad to hear the presentation went well! At least you're brave enough to tell jokes. I just get up there and talk as fast as I possibly can so I can sit even faster! =D

7:32 PM

Blogger Dunning said...

My jokes are horrible though. Its like David Schwimmer comedy. He was the least funny "friend". What am i saying! None of them were funny.

1:44 AM


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