Sunday, April 29, 2007

Still cant dance.

So. Tonight was Seana's B-day at the Foggy Dew. Happy birthday again Seana. Sharmilla and a few friends joined us later, and it was a lot of fun. However,
I realized tonight I still cant dance worth anything. People always tell me I can but obviously their perspective is slanted. Maybe I just needed more drinks and less sweaty guys bumping me every two mins. Though if i did drink more i probably would have ended up like that dude in the washroom throwing up everywhere. Classy. I still cant do shots either. Although I liked whatever that was. At least more so then others I've tried. I'm a lightweight what can i say. I've got play that funky music white boy stuck in my head now. So I think I am going to call it a night. The foggy dew was good times again. I dunno what it is. But that place doesn't suck.

Current Comic: World War 3-John Ostrander
Current Music: Tokyo Police Club-La Ferrassie


Blogger carib_stylz said...

Yeah I agree, it wasn't too shabby of a place. However, I much rather the dj than the live band hehe. And yes, we can all do without sweaty guys touching us; that was rather gross.

Whether people tell you that you can dance or not at least you still try; that's all that matters.

It was definitely cool meeting your friends & hanging out with you guys. Hope you enjoyed having us there too. =D

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