Friday, November 23, 2007

Sick and Sick of Bill Gates.

I remember awhile back. My buddy Rich was bitching about xbox being an inferior product. Or at least i think he was. I wasn't really paying to much attention to the conversation (sorry Rich). For a long time I disagreed with this assessment.
I was happy with my xbox purchase. I mean it had everything i could ever ask for. Gears of war. Halo 3. Xbox live. Guitar Hero. And a tone of other cool games. The graphics were pretty amazing. And as far as i could tell it seemed to run pretty smoothly. Everything was golden.
Then about a month ago or i guess at best a few weeks ago. In an all halo party I experienced the red rings of death. I like to think I took it pretty well. In fact I kinda half expected it. But the fact that it happened on a brand new system still kind of annoyed me.
After speaking for a good 20 mins the xbox service guy told me to plug it into a wall outlet directly. This actually fixed the problem. Seriously what the hell? I mean I'm happy to have my xbox 360 back and operational but I'm kinda annoyed at the fact that not plugging it into the wall outlet directly caused it to explode.
This has got me to thinking that I might buy a wii after all. I still like the games for the 360. I mean rock bands coming out. But the wii is still a lot of fun. Sure its a party system but Ive seen a lot of good single player games for it to lately. So we'll see. Hopefully this scam of the red ring of death by Microsoft wont happen again. Why is it a scam? Well its got me to purchase an extended warranty. As far as i remember Nintendo never asked me to do such a thing. Just blow in it when the screen turns pink. Bah! lousy Microsoft.

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Rock Band is out and it's awesome.

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