Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Bye Bye money.

With my whistler trip approaching quickly, the ability to actually save money for it shrinks. I found myself spending far to much money on myself for my own enjoyment. Where is my money going? Surely not all to comics. Well that parts partially true. It goes to mostly concert tickets these days.
Ive recently purchased a set for not only Bruce Springsteen but also Feist. Both of which are performers I'm dying to see. Yes you heard me I'm dying to see Springsteen. Its kinda sad but he's one of the few artists left to cross of my list. Yeah i have a list.
It seems all Ive done for the past while is go to concerts by myself. It gets easier and easier every time i go. Lets see over the past couple of months I've seen the following bands: New Pornographers, Stars, Arctic Monkeys, Destroyer, Broken Social Scene. I think I'm forgetting one. Nope that's it.
That's a lot considering the only one I didn't go to alone was Stars. Stars and Broken Social scene were amazing. However Stars more so. Amy Millan is amazing live and the whole band puts on a great live show. Full energy all the way through. It was great.
I'm really looking forward to Feist. I heard nothing but good things from her last show and it'll be nice to go to the Orpheum again. I'm sure in the coming months theres going to be a few concerts I'll be booking days off for. But I'm defiantly on the lookout for more than a few concerts. Let me know if you see or hear of any. And now I leave you with a list of bands i want to see and great bands Ive crossed off my list.
Ive crossed off the following:
Bob Dylan. AC/DC(x2). Rolling Stones(x2). Rod Stewart(x3). Elton John. (soon to be) Bruce Springsteen. Gordon Lightfoot. Meatloaf. Neil Young.

I want to see still:
Radiohead. U2 (even though i really dislike Bono). The Eagles. Death Cab for Cutie (shutup). Led Zeppelin. The Decemberists. Fleetwood Mac. Metric. Tom Waits. The Shins. Bloc Party. We are scientists. The Dears. Wilco.

Those are all i can think of off the top of my head. If I wanted to sit down and go through every concert and band that I have or want to see, we'd be here all night. Or at least Id be. On an off topic note three days till whistler! And even further from that I still have the beard however it may come off soon. Its looking really hoboish. I'll probably post pics at sometime before i trim it down. We'll see.

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