Tuesday, December 11, 2007


In the words of Super Dave Osborne "New Pain". That's what i got to experience this weekend in whistler.
Somehow or another I got it in my head that i really wanted to try snowboarding this year. I don't know or remember really how it came about but it did. And well I gotta say what ever sparked it I'm glad I went through with this insaine plan of mine.
First whistler is an amazing place. I wouldn't even mind living up there for a season or to. Being up there reminded me how freaking lucky we are in this province. My dad always told me how great Ontario winters were. However I cant see how it could even compare to fresh powdered snow on blackcomb.
There really is a different mentality up in the village. People are actually nice. Not to mention trustworthy. Maybe that's cause they're all tourists. Maybe its cause they're all drunk. Maybe its cause I'm drunk. Whatever the case is theres a different buzz.
Now. Bein drunk. Bar hopin and partying is all well and good for a fun filled weekend. But the whole point of this trip was to try something new. That was snowboarding (obviously). Now for those that know me best they'll make the argument that I'm not the most coordinated person on the face of the planet. Nor do I enjoy heights. So attempting a sport that combines the two should seem beyond ludicrous to them.
And for the first while there they would have been right. I was nervous. I was prepared to fall but not that much. Prepared for pain but not that kind. Prepared for fun but not that much. Nothing says fun like crab walking out of some trees in a snowbank after a massive face plant.
The funny thing is that after awhile I actually started to get the hang of it. Even enjoy it after going through the four stages of: Anger. Bitterness. Resentment and what i like to call The Rudy (the more frustrated you get the more determined you become). And once the eye of the tiger set in me. I started to suck less.
Maybe it was just the desire to survive. Maybe it was the climate. Maybe i just adapt to winter sports better than i think. Maybe it was the positive reinforcement from a few good friends. Whatever the case I really really really want to go again. That freezing cold mountain has made me content. Something i haven't been in a long time. I think I've found my Zen. Or possibly Muse. Either way I'm good.

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