Wednesday, February 13, 2008

And we'll collect the moments one by one

So i just got back from the vancouver 2010 Cultural Olympiad (aka the Feist concert). My friend Milynne and i went together and i think we both came to the conclusion. This was not what we were expecting at all.
First off the crowd was a mix of the elite and the hipsters. Its very surreal to be sitting four rows away from the priemer of the province. I mean Im pretty sure Gordon Campbell doesnt listen to Feist. Infact i think half the people there hadnt. I know the two people infront of us didnt.
Aside from the strangeness of the crowd.There were the 2010 mascots, cause no one celebrates its heritage like canada. There was also Ben Mulroney hosting the event. Lets just say. Im not a fan. The guy plugged canadian idol like there was no tomorrow. However once he and a few other speakers shut up it was on to the show.
The vso (vancouver symphony orchestra) just came off a Grammy win and were an easy highlight of the event.
It kicked off Suzie McNeil who sang some song called believe. She had a good voice actually. She only did the one song which apparently was some olympic thing. But it was still impressive.
Next up was Leela Gilday. She was a pretty good folk singer. Didnt really blow me away. But then again i was eagerly awaiting Feist. So im sure i didnt give her a fair chance.
Jorane was another new comer id never heard of. She sang all of her songs in french. It was....interesting. Actually to be fair she had a really good voice and could belt out a note. I just had no clue what she was saying.
Ron Sexsmith was another i was eagerly anticipating. I'd always heard Rich talk about him. I listened to his last cd before the show and didnt hate it. But honestly he was actually really really good. I was a little unsure of how his performance would be but i enjoyed it in the end.
Now on to Feist. Let me just say this woman rocks. Shes so damn cute to. And you cant really apprecate her till you see her live. Its amazing. I didnt get to hear secret heart but my new favorite song Sea Lion Woman kicked ass. She kicks ass. The banter with the crowd is great to. And her duet with Ron Sexsmith was a highlight of mine. I also loved the fact that the VSO played with her. Really if you ever get a chance to see her play go. You wont regret it. I didnt. What a great night.

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