Sunday, February 10, 2008


Out of all the creatures in the world to be afraid of; you'd think ladybugs would be on the bottom of a totem pole.
I mean Im afraid of a lot of things. Spiders, sharks, snakes. Hell even some other bugs come to mind. Ladybugs are now moving up the ladder though. Why you ask? Well its simple. My room has become a safe haven for these disgusting little creatures.
I swear though, these are no ordinary ladybugs. These are the bugs spawned from the darkest reaches of hell and mordo itsself. Im not kidding.
I dont even know how they keep getting into my room. I dont know why they would want to get into my room. I have no heat. I have no plants. I was going to buy a banzai tree for myself but after this exeperince, im thinking thats not the best way to go.
I dunno maybe i need to seend these creatures a message. I've tried everything else. Ive cleaned, bug sprayed and still they make there way here. Hell ive even taken them outside carefully and placed them into trees and they still come back. What are they plotting? Why must they torment me so?
Ive lost patience with them. I know were all part of this whole circle of life thing but im afraid these creatures have left me with no other recourse. Ive found a giant boot. The next one i see is meeting an untimley demise. I mean how else am i going to solve this? Suggestions?

Current Music: Feist-My Moon My Man
Current Comics: Strangers in Paradise pocket book 5-Terry Moore


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