Friday, February 29, 2008


Im tired. I feel like bitching and then i remembered I have this form to do it in. Anyways I took Milynne to the canuck game on wednesday (her first). It was against colorado so naturally we lost. Although in retrospect it was a great game. And it was kinda cool to actually see what the hosts do at GM place.
Everytime i go to a canucks game and sit in the lower level though, they either loose in the last period or get blown out. There is no happy medium. I remember when i went to the toronto game a few years ago. This was back when we had Potvin. They lost with 6.5 seconds to go in regulation.
This time around colorado tied it up with 14.7 seconds in the third. Maybe im cursed? But at least it wasnt like the last time I saw the Avalanche play aka the Bert incident. That was a gong show.
Anyway aside from loosing in dramatic fashion there were a bunch of highlights. Like getting A list celeberity treatment just cause i was with someone who worked there. The fact that i was seven rows away from Luongo. Who has officially become my favorite canuck/player in the nhl. That glove save was amazing. Another highlight was seeing Bobby Orr. Oh and some dude named darwin won a million dollars.
I guess I am more of a canuck fan then i lead people to believe. But what i dont understand is why we fail to do anything signifigant at the trade deadline. Im sick of the "my hands are tied" excuse. Im tired of nonis sitting on his ass after getting Luongo. We have a seriously small window here to actually do something. We have a good team, we just need more fracking scoring.
Alright I guess thats enough bitching at our team. I got a busy month coming up this month. Im going to three concerts. Hawksley Workman, Jason collett and Bruce Springsteen. Should be good. Oh and another random thing is the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever has become a front runner for the type of dog i wanna get. They're so cool. Alright im out. Laters.

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