Thursday, February 21, 2008


Its been almost a year since Jock (my dog) passed away. Actually maybe a little more than a year. I miss him alot actually, along with my cat (lucky). They were part of the family.
As it happens I was watching the westminster dog show the other day. It really got me wanting a dog again. Actually I've wanted a dog for a while now. All for selfish reasons. But I love dogs. And since my mom and the canadian government refuses to let me have a monkey (as im pretty sure its illegal) then a dog it is.
But what kinda dog will it be? I dont want another terrior. And I've had my fill of labs these days. I've pretty much had a lab or a retriever at one point or another since i was five. Maybe earlier than that.
I've always wanted a husky. I dont really know why. But I love that kinda dog. Course i may also go a little tiny bit smaller. Like a collie or something. Actually ever since I was a kid, I remember watching wrestling in the early 90s. I was a big fan of Davey boy smith aka the British Bulldog. He would always come to the ring with one. I thought they were always pretty cool to. Though im fairly certain my mom wont ever go for that.
Its sad but I even have names picked out already. Well im narrowing it down. So far the front runners are Aristotle or Andronicus. What? I like obscure literary refernces and greek philosophy. Although i may even go more obscure than Andronicus on the literary side. Dont think i havent thought of comic book names for inspirations. Logan and Thor are front runners to. What? Im still a nerd at heart.

Current Comic: Strangers in Paradise-Terry Moore
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