Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The rest is still unwritten.

Its funny. People have been telling me to chill out for a while. That I've been looking far to stressed. And I guess I should have been listening to them. I've been feeling a little bit complacent lately.
However something happened today that, though hard, has made me come to realize that perhaps i have been drifting. Just a little. As such I'm going to try hard to adopt a new philosophy. Get back into the swing of things. And just make some small changes that I should have made a while ago.
One thing however that will not change. Is my sad pathetic obsession with a little show on MTV called the Hills. It chronicles the life of Lauren Conrad and friends. Just as addicting as this non stop mtv drama, is the after show. The after show, which is a panel discussion hosted by MTV personalities who then discuss the current Hills episode you've just seen.
I'm seriously looking forward to the season premier on March 24th. I don't know quite what it is that i find so compelling. All i know is they're hot

Current Comic: Strangers in paradise vol 6-Terry Moore
Current Music: Hawksley Workman-Piano Blink.


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