Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Born to run out of 8th place.

So this was a bit of a crazy go lucky weekend for me. Friday was spent hanging out with the lugs crew and playing some smashbros. Crazy good times for sure. There was even a chick present. LOL the real ironic thing is she came with me. Somebody better go check to see if hell has indeed frozen over.
Aside from videogames and getting frustraited with such (but we'll get to that in a min) my weekend was once again filled with concerts and hockey.
Sunday Div suprised me with canucks tickets and shockingly enough it was a good game. Not only was it a good game but they actually won! And for a brief time all was right in the world. We we're back in the playoffs and then tonights game happend and....well lets just not get into tonights game.
Anyway after going to my game I went and played in my own. Which sucked cause i was the only goalie that night. I played well but constant odd man rushes and breakaways are not a fun way to spend sunday nights.
Monday brought another fun filled day of work. I really want out of that place by the way. And then came Bruce Springsteen. Over the past couple of years ive really got into bruce springsteen. Born to run became a staple song at karaoke. Dancing in the dark is always great and to see both of them preform live was amazing. Actually the whole concert was amazing. I dont know how these old guys go on for three hours non stop.
He was really good though. And seeing the E street band was cool to. All the memembers bring their own unique flavour to it. I didnt really get ending the show with American Land. I mean the more logical choice would have been Born in the USA. But then im not the boss. Bruce is. And he really played to the crowd well. You can tell he's been doing this for awhile. It really has been a great couple of days. Now if only i can get some decent sleep I'll be good.

Current Comic: Silver Surfer-Stan Lee
Current Music: Adele-Chasing Pavements

ps i still suck at rockband. Told ya we'd get back to video games.


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