Friday, June 27, 2008

Recently Me.

So Im bored. Sitting around listening to the new Coldplay album. I actually really like what I hear. Which is kinda suprising.
Anyway on a releated music note. I went and saw stars for the second time. It was another great show. They pretty much covered all of their material and even stuff of the Heart album. The opening act Curtis Santiago was very intriguing. A local boy from vancouver. He was a mixture of R&B and Ballad soul music. It was an interesting mix. His cover of Metrics Police and the Private was amazing. He definatly had the voice for it. And I loved his song which was essentially about robots.
The only other signifigant note lately. Is well I saw the lugs boys again. Finally. It had been far to long. And i forgot how fun lugsdays can be. Normality is a good thing.
Im really looking forward to the following movies. Batman the dark knight. Hancock and if i ever get to see the hulk i'll be happy. But yeah batman is definatly in order. So if anyone wants to go see anyone of those let me know.
Other than that theirs not much to report on. Maybe attending the pantless party on the 5th. That should be good times.....course they're elements that could make it really really awful. Ugh drama. And my whistler trip is still very much on the bubble. I think its going to be a weekend get away. Hooray for that. Anyway thats it.

Current Comic: Absolute Dark Knight-Frank Miller
Current Music: Coldplay-Lost


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