Sunday, April 27, 2008

What the hell have i been up to?

Well apparently alot. So heres the rundown. Last week or a week ago i went to the Metric show at the commodore. It was freaking amazing. No seriously it was, I had my doubts about it but it was just awesome. It was also great to reconnect with andrew and travis again.
Then I got to live a dream on sunday and play a game of hockey at GM Place. This was simply amazing. Though i was so out of shape i was dying by the first period. This is why sunday night hockey has to start up again. I dont want to be a lazy ass anymore.
Anyway this week I had my first aid tests to do and Im half way through that. So hooray me. Im now qualified to save lives people. Not just enrich them anymore =P
I forget what day it was but lets call it thursday we went to woodys got really really really smashed. Which i havent done in a really long time. And Yeah it was good times had by all. A lot at my expense but still good times. God damn shots.
Anyway tonight I had the AC/DC concert which all of you bailed on. Some of you had ligit reasons others just suck. So I ended up dragging my poor mother to it. Though she claims she liked it even though she couldnt hear a word of what they were saying. But the fact that she can tolerate it is an improvement. I've had to put up with her country music way to long.
I was really impressed with how much the lead singer actually sounded like brian johnson. But the guitarist though really good failed to live up to angus young. Theirs no one on earth who can hold a candle to that man. So there but for the grace of god goes rock. Next couple weeks I have a few more shows lined up. Sarah Slean, Tokyo Police Club, REM, Destroyer. Junes looking like a lazy month so far. But we'll see. Anyway Im off to sleep and then get up to stupid first aid all over again.

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