Wednesday, April 09, 2008


So alright. Today was my first day back volunteering back at middle school. It was actually a lot of fun. Saw some familiar kids from last time. So im sorta easing myself back into this. Also i think im slightly back to normal. Well as normal as a Dunning can be.
Im also looking for other work oppertunities. At least branching out. I probably wont leave roos just yet cause most of my oppertunities im seeing are seasonal. But I just need something to deal with other than crackheads.
Like this one crackhead last week came in hyped up on something. All mumbly and cracked out. Couldnt really understand what he was saying. He took off his shoe at one point cause apparently his money was in there. It turned out it wasnt. Finally i just kicked him out. Like physically.
The other interesting thing was watching one guy and two teenage girls get arrested and have their car towed at our parking lot. That was funny. I've actually never seen that many cop cars in one place for awhile. Last i counted was five.
Other than that I'm trying to plan out my summer. I NEED to go away somewhere. Even if its just to whistler. Got a couple of concerts in august that im dying to see and yeah thats about it. Things are actually really good right now. Should be an interesting couple of months come june. PS I think its going to be a Wild vs Penguins final. Seeing as how the canucks once again did fuck all. Anyway I really think we should blow up the team in the off season and give kesler the C. But thats just me. Stupid fucking canucks. Argh!

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