Saturday, May 24, 2008

Concerts concerts concerts.

So where did we last leave off? Its been an insane week. For starters I worked 9 days straight at a job that is becoming less and less of a priority. Didnt get a long weekend. And even had to work on my days off. LOL so Ive been in a great mood lately.
My time lately has been filled up with concerts and movies and work. And drinking. So it started with a show for Tokyo Police Club. It was an amazing concert. Im liking the whole plaza club more and more for a venue. Smoosh and Attack in Black opened for them. Smoosh was not to bad had some pretty good energy and fun songs. Attack in black was pretty amazing and really won me over. Tokyo Police club was great though. Totally worth the price of admition tesellate is a really great track.
Next I had city and colour lined up. I cant recall who opened for them the first one sucked big time. The second was pretty decent and was from austin texas. They kinda sounded like the shins. But more country. Whoever they we're they entertained me but good. As for city and colour itsself. Im not the biggest Dallas Green fan ever but I've gained a lot more respect for him. He's got an amazing voice in the right venue and the orpheum was the right venue. His songs dont suck either.
Finally in terms of the concerts I went and seen REM and Modest Mouse and The National all in one show at deer lake park. This was my first time ever at deer lake park and I gotta say its a really sweet venue. The national really blew me away and the cds pretty damn sweet. Modest Mouse had the perfect set list I love hearing Paper thin walls. REM really blew me away to. There was nothing really to complain about it was actually probably the perfect show. And Im really looking forward to Feist now.
As for the movies I saw Ironman and Indiana Jones. Now the former was actually pretty amazing. And I cant wait for the avengers to actually get off the ground. Its good to be excited about something other than spiderman for a change. Indiana Jones was well....Indiana Jones. It was good all that you could expect from it, rendered with only a few hiccups here and there. Overall It was a lot of fun. Id give Ironman an 8 and Indy a 7. But thats just my own take on it.
Anyway Im off to listen to the national and catch up on some reading. Cant wait for destroyer next week should be great fun. LOL im so freakin tired....

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