Friday, May 04, 2007

Does what ever a......

So there's this little film opening up this weekend. Perhaps you've heard of it. Something about a Spider and a man. As a skeptic I'm really trying hard not to get my hopes up. But all the footage I see of this movie has the fan boy in me jumping for joy. I'm excited to see Gwen Stacey finally introduced into the franchise. Yet I cant shake off this looming feeling, that this may be another Revenge of the Sith. However I have more faith in Sam Raimi then George Lucas these days. Not to mention the casting for this just looks right. So "True Believers" (sigh) who will accompany me this Sunday or perhaps Wednesday to see this? Someone has to come with me as I geek out (and you know i will) for the web slinger. Look at that. It's already happening.

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