Saturday, May 12, 2007


Alright, so i just got back from Spiderman 3 tonight. Im split. I loved parts of this movie. Then there were some parts in this movie that made me laugh outloud and I really dont think i was supposed to. I guess that made it all the more enjoyable.
The action in this was pretty amazing. Venom was amazing. As was Sandman. There were certain aspects of this movie that really bugged me. Im not going to go on and on about this.
Overall it was fun. Nice visuals. Okay plot. But was it the best in the trillogy? Well Im not really sure i could crown it that. Its not that I went in with high expectaions and had them dashed. I was excited but not as much as I've been for other movies.
Anyway go see it and make your own conclusions. I can definatly see why people are saying that they crammed way to many things in. However in the end I guess its still worth the price of admission and thats all that really matters.

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