Friday, July 04, 2008

Time off. Comics Movies. And Fight night.

So apparently Im an indie music snob. This was discovered after vikram invited me to TV on the Radio. A band I was more than certain he had never heard of. Needless to say I was shock so if I appeared snobbish I appoligise to you good sir.
Im also attending Airbourne with Div in sept. I checked them out recently and its pretty kickass stuff. Im looking forward to it.
Im also looking forward to a lot of the comic book movies that are coming out this summer. On the top of my list are Batman the dark Knight (but of course) and Hellboy 2.
I've actually really been impressed with the calliber of movies this summer. Aside from Indiana jones and the plots that go nowhere I've been more than pleased. I have yet to see it but I've heard even the hulk is good. I think I'll go sometime this weekend. But its going to be hard to match the awesomeness that was Ironman. There's something i never thought id say.
Tomorrow is fight night. Im going to be getting drunk and watching two grown men kick the crap out of eachother for money. What an age we live in. Should be good fun. Contact me if you wanna come watch.

Current Comic: Batman the Killing Joke-Alan Moore
Current Music: Airbourne-Stand up for rock n roll

Oh and i got a week off starting on the 14th of july. I suggest a lugs road trip.


Anonymous Vikram said...

Relax, I didn't really care.

2:37 PM

Blogger Dunning said...

Im relaxed! who says im not relaxed!? Im relaxed! :P

10:02 PM


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