Saturday, November 27, 2004

The good times are killing me.

Well. That was an interesting, and fun night. I am definitely glad I made the decision to come out to UBC. My day started out, with another boring tutorial for Political Administration. Yet, from here it only got better.
Once, I got to UBC I was taken on a tour given by Vikram and Graham. A very informative, though long tour. Our first stop on the tour, was to gaze in wonderment at a Nobel Peace Prize, won by UBC's own Michael Smith. We then walked over towards Sage Bistro, where we gazed at the mountain range, and admired the view. Then it was past the Law Buildings, and onto the forestry Building. Where Graham's view of the arts program became a little more jaded. Then the adventure continued, towards the New Biomedical Science buildings. Finally it was on to the math building (or rather back to) where Richard was found and more good times were had.
The good times, during our stay at the math club consisted of Texas Holdem. The game lasted for quite awhile, with the buy in only being two bucks. I came out with 2 dollars and thirty cents in the end, as the game came to a close.
Next, we said our goodbye's to Graham and Vikram, and headed downtown, for some Oysters. Though because I hate any form of seafood with a passion, I chose not to have any. And I chose rather to drown my senses in a rum and coke. Next it was onto Milestones, where I had a fairly decent New York Steak, well done of course. After this I found myself out a cool 26 bucks, this however did not mean the evening was at an end. Infact it was just getting started.
Karaoke was decided on as the end event for the evening, and though we were turned away from one establishment. We quickly found another in the form of Fantacity. After close to an Hour wait, it was finally our moment to shine. And boy did we shine.
From Radiohead's Idioteque, Creep, 2+2=5, and Paranoid Android and to other's such as Metallica's Enter sandman and Coldplay's Yellow. It was enough to keep me (and everyone else) happy. A lot of other song's were performed, but they have begun to escape my mind already. Though I do remember others, such as the Police's Roxanne, Aqua's Barbie girl, and Billy Joel's Piano Man being thrown into the mix. There were others as well, but I wont get into them at this point because my throat is sore, and I'm tired.
It was great seeing Richard again. Im looking forward to all the wacky hijink's that will be happening during the christmas break. Im glad I got my goal of going to karaoke out of the way, and my new goal now is to go back. Anyways I should get going now, it was a full day and Im tired. Plus I have 80 pages of Archeology too look forward to tomorrow, and I have to get them finished before 5 pm. So I'll say goodnight now, and godspeed.

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Tuesday, November 23, 2004


Well, it was a disappointing end, though an albeit predictable one, for The Suave Mofo's. The Mofo's finished out the regular season with a tie, and what should have been a win. But I digress. The season may be over, but the team will be back in action next week, playing for, well nothing. The team overall, saw improvements and when the season starts again, will be looking to reestablish themselves. Though the Mofo's went out with class, decked out in suits, ties and all the bling they could find. It still wasn't enough to over come the inexperience.
The Mofo's final record was 0-6-3. Things will change next semester, and hopefully, we'll find that we at least put one in the win column.
On a somewhat unrelated note, I've registered for another semester and right now will be looking at three courses, and hopefully if things work out, a fourth. Should be an interesting semester, but I guess we'll have to wait and see what unfolds.

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Friday, November 19, 2004

Its a celebration Bitches.....Enjoy yourself

Political Science, specifically concerning Public Administration is my Bitch. And for those who show up for Dunning's Texas Holdems Tournament of Champions, they will soon be my bitches too. But first Political Science. With only nine hours of studying and minimal knowledge, behind the actual subject, plus a lack of serious interest. I have somehow managed to pull off a C+. Though I couldn't be more happy, that I didn't actually fail; and for the fact that, I came away with a somewhat respectable grade. I cant help but feel however, a bit cheated. Knowing I could have done so much better had I put more then nine hours of straight cramming into it.
Yes, I was worried about this class, and frankly I didn't think I would be getting a good mark at all. But now that my mid term has come back with a more positive outlook and my paper is completed earlier then expect, things are looking to be on there way up.
On a totally unrelated topic, I now have a credit card. Which may or may not turn out to be a bad thing. I haven't actually used it yet, and don't know when I will. But I'll be sure and keep you posted any monumental or ridiculous purchases, and I definitely expect there to be some in the near future.
And now stealing a page from Rexin's blog, for no apparent reason what so ever here is a list of the Top Five Albums I have in rotation, in my cd player.
1) The walkmen-Bows and Arrows 2) Franz Ferdinand-Franz Ferdinand 3) The Decemberists-Her majesty the Decemberists 4) {tie} Young and Sexy-stand up for your mother, Young and Sexy-Life through one speaker 5) Neutral Milk Hotel-In the aeroplane over the sea
Honorable mentions: The Shins-Oh Inverted World, Super Furry Animals-Phantom Power

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Thursday, November 18, 2004


As my love affair with Vegas, reaches epic proportions. I feel the need to do a bit of high stakes gambling. Well perhaps not high stakes, but some form of gambling nonetheless. So I purpose a bit of Texas Holdem, for this weekend. Why? Cause it something other than video games and movies. Plus I got time. However the problem arises of poker chips. Or having something to actually gamble with, maybe I'll go buy some this weekend. Though I don't know where I would get them from.
As for today, I did absolutely nothing of value. I've completed my essay, and as such, I now have too much spare time on my hands. What's my point your asking? Well while sitting on my ass, watching tv, there was a show which took a look at Vegas. I've taken this as a sign, and somehow, someway I vow that I will get there. The only problems that arise are how and when. I'll keep you apprised to the situation as I look for the solution.

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Monday, November 15, 2004

The Great Debate.

Since Graham and Rexin have decided to create a Debate Blog, I thought I would also put a debate out there for the people. So here it is.

Which is better? Great Wall of China vs Wall of Jericho

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Sunday, November 14, 2004

Suave Update?

No suave mofos, update for this week as no one was in the curling mode. So instead the three members who were free, went and spent some quality time at St. James pub. Tomorrow Im faced with another daunting review of Archeology, so there will probably not be an update for awhile. Well probably not until Tuesday but we'll see. Anyway Im going to get back to studying in a bit and then off to bed. I'll let you know how things turn out. Anyway Im out.

Saturday, November 13, 2004


Wow, so its been a week since I updated this thing. I didn't realize that until now, but I guess you already figured that out. Its no fault but my own, that this blog hasn't been updated. Truth be told, I haven't really felt much like updating it, not as much as I used to. I don't really have anything relevant or important to talk about. Nor do I really have an audience that'll listen. Though both those things have never stopped me before.
Anyway, the point of all this is that I've been thinking of where Im going to take this blog in the near future. It needs a new direction and revamped looked. I've been thinking of writing some reviews. Which I said I would try and stay away from, but I've given it some thought and changed my mind. So I guess you can expect at least one or two reviews to show up on here before I get bored with that also, or forget about doing them.
Yeah, so that's really all I've come up with in terms of what I want to do with this blog. If any of you guys have any suggestions feel free to let me know. I might just use them.
The changes will probably occur sometime after I reach my 50th blog, and finished with all the commemorative postings. Anyway I should get back to studying or at least something constructive.

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Monday, November 08, 2004

Suave Update.

Like something out of the pages of a poorly written DC comic. The Suave Mofo's were split up, and dispersed across the celestial plains. Or at least throughout the curling rink. Though only two mofo's could make it tonight, a good time was still had. Dave (fleecy P.) experienced his first taste of victory, with his temporary team. Where I was stuck on the familiar side of things in helping my team "the whale" to two straight (all be it close games) loses. The Mofo's were awarded a tie for the effort of, even showing up tonight (for those that did).
With two weeks before the end of the regular season, its looking bleak for the Suave Mofo's. Hopefully next week, things will be different and we'll be able to salvage a win. Stay tune for the updates on all curling related activities.

Sunday, November 07, 2004

Star Wars.

Okay, so it should be noted, that Im not the biggest Star Wars fan in the world. Don't get me wrong, I like it and everything. The first three movies are classics, and we all know how the first two new ones, kinda sucked.
But upon watching "hypa space weekly" I was introduced to the third and final new star wars movie Revenge of the Sith. And I have to say, it didn't look as stupid as I thought it was going to. Infact it had some promise, a lot of cool visuals. Nice shots of lightsaber duels. Pretty good looking space battles. More Yoda and even Wookies were thrown into the mix.
Even the "rise darth vader" line wasn't as dorky as I thought it was going to be. Course this is only a trailer and there's really only so much you can get from a trailer. Unless of course its load barring. So anyway, it looks somewhat promising, I'd go so far as to say he may even be able to salvage the new series. And I can now probably talk myself into wasting 11 bucks to go see it. Anyway that's it for now.


Well its 1:37 am and I just got in from Richmond. Went to the casino where Rexin won big and Im out a cool seven bucks (not to mention the 12 for all you can eat sushi).
Had a celebrity sighting in the casino...Rene Russo. RIGGS!!! Anyway that's about all I wanted to say at the moment. I'll be updating again tomorrow with a curling update as we edge closer to the 50th blog extravaganza. I may even post twice tomorrow in between the essay writing and research tomorrow. Anyway that's it check tomorrow for an update.

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Thursday, November 04, 2004

Im still the kid from Chino who burnt down a house...

I thought I'd just let everyone know, that were only two hours away from The OC second season. Im sure that none of you will watch, so why Im posting this I don't really know. Rest assured though, that it will be a season filled with excitement and intrigue. Enough for all the teen age girls (and myself) to blog about. What controversy awaits in Newport? Im not exactly sure, but I'll be counting down the hours until we find out.

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Screw that.

So I haven't blogged in awhile. Reasons being, that mostly I couldn't bring myself to actually blog about anything that was relevant and the fact was, that I had actual work to do. So, the question becomes do I have anything relevant to say now; on the eve of the "worlds most important election". And the answer is no. I came to the conclusion that no matter my opinion on the subject, no one would actually listen to me. And Secondly its been talked about to death already. If you don't believe me go look at Graham's and Rexin's blogs. I came home today, with every intent to watch the coverage (and perhaps discuss it on here), but quickly got sick of it. So I decided to take a break and watch smallville, after that was over, I went back with every intention to watch more coverage. Only to find myself quickly tire of it again, and so I flicked on some sports, where they were showing game 7 of the 94 Canucks vs Flames series. Finally something decent on tv.
I wrapped up the evening by watching the daily show, realizing that my interest in politics has officially dwindled. Maybe one day I'll care about it again. But until then I think I'll leave politics, up to the people who know what they're talking about. Or at least seem to be.