Sunday, April 27, 2008

What the hell have i been up to?

Well apparently alot. So heres the rundown. Last week or a week ago i went to the Metric show at the commodore. It was freaking amazing. No seriously it was, I had my doubts about it but it was just awesome. It was also great to reconnect with andrew and travis again.
Then I got to live a dream on sunday and play a game of hockey at GM Place. This was simply amazing. Though i was so out of shape i was dying by the first period. This is why sunday night hockey has to start up again. I dont want to be a lazy ass anymore.
Anyway this week I had my first aid tests to do and Im half way through that. So hooray me. Im now qualified to save lives people. Not just enrich them anymore =P
I forget what day it was but lets call it thursday we went to woodys got really really really smashed. Which i havent done in a really long time. And Yeah it was good times had by all. A lot at my expense but still good times. God damn shots.
Anyway tonight I had the AC/DC concert which all of you bailed on. Some of you had ligit reasons others just suck. So I ended up dragging my poor mother to it. Though she claims she liked it even though she couldnt hear a word of what they were saying. But the fact that she can tolerate it is an improvement. I've had to put up with her country music way to long.
I was really impressed with how much the lead singer actually sounded like brian johnson. But the guitarist though really good failed to live up to angus young. Theirs no one on earth who can hold a candle to that man. So there but for the grace of god goes rock. Next couple weeks I have a few more shows lined up. Sarah Slean, Tokyo Police Club, REM, Destroyer. Junes looking like a lazy month so far. But we'll see. Anyway Im off to sleep and then get up to stupid first aid all over again.

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Wednesday, April 09, 2008


So alright. Today was my first day back volunteering back at middle school. It was actually a lot of fun. Saw some familiar kids from last time. So im sorta easing myself back into this. Also i think im slightly back to normal. Well as normal as a Dunning can be.
Im also looking for other work oppertunities. At least branching out. I probably wont leave roos just yet cause most of my oppertunities im seeing are seasonal. But I just need something to deal with other than crackheads.
Like this one crackhead last week came in hyped up on something. All mumbly and cracked out. Couldnt really understand what he was saying. He took off his shoe at one point cause apparently his money was in there. It turned out it wasnt. Finally i just kicked him out. Like physically.
The other interesting thing was watching one guy and two teenage girls get arrested and have their car towed at our parking lot. That was funny. I've actually never seen that many cop cars in one place for awhile. Last i counted was five.
Other than that I'm trying to plan out my summer. I NEED to go away somewhere. Even if its just to whistler. Got a couple of concerts in august that im dying to see and yeah thats about it. Things are actually really good right now. Should be an interesting couple of months come june. PS I think its going to be a Wild vs Penguins final. Seeing as how the canucks once again did fuck all. Anyway I really think we should blow up the team in the off season and give kesler the C. But thats just me. Stupid fucking canucks. Argh!

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Monday, April 07, 2008

Black Mountain.

Okay. So this weekend was yet another concert to go to. It was a little band that surprisingly more people have heard of then I thought. They're a local Vancouver group called Black Mountain. And surprise surprise they're awesome!
Actually the whole night was a kind of surprise. The evening opened with some dude called Chad from Toronto. At least that's all i picked up from his ramblings. I don't know what his actual band or stage name was. Anyway he had a really good stage presence and voice. But his music was sooo not my music. Which kinda had me dreading how the rest of the night would go.
The following act was called Ladyhawk. Now this band was the real surprise. They actually blew me away. Mainly cause i wasn't expecting what i got out of their performance. See when I heard the name Ladyhawk for some reason my mind was drawn to alt country. Which is all well and good. I'll listen to Blue Rodeo from time to time. But i was not really in an alt country kinda mood. Thankfully what i got was a mix between early Modest Mouse and Cuff the Duke. Real high energy rock with great songs. Again great stage presence but they didn't play to the crowd enough. They just kinda played. And rocked. I advise you all to check em out.
Finally we come to Black Mountain. I've actually listened to their two albums a bit so i knew somewhat what i was getting into. However what I got was even better. They blew me away actually. Which is funny cause I'm not really into the whole progressive psychedelic hipster rock. But I was told by a friend to check them out and I kinda got hooked. Needless to say what i got out of the performance was much much more than whats delivered on the album. Black Mountain was much more intense live than i could have thought. That's not to say the albums aren't solid. They are. Its just to say I got much more that what I was expecting. Which made the night all that more enjoyable.
The only thing i didn't enjoy was going to this show by myself. Although all the drunk stoner dudes and dudettes did make it interesting. Seeing some guy get nailed with a lemon wedge for standing on a table was hilarious. To bad you all missed out on a great night and a great show.

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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Born to run out of 8th place.

So this was a bit of a crazy go lucky weekend for me. Friday was spent hanging out with the lugs crew and playing some smashbros. Crazy good times for sure. There was even a chick present. LOL the real ironic thing is she came with me. Somebody better go check to see if hell has indeed frozen over.
Aside from videogames and getting frustraited with such (but we'll get to that in a min) my weekend was once again filled with concerts and hockey.
Sunday Div suprised me with canucks tickets and shockingly enough it was a good game. Not only was it a good game but they actually won! And for a brief time all was right in the world. We we're back in the playoffs and then tonights game happend and....well lets just not get into tonights game.
Anyway after going to my game I went and played in my own. Which sucked cause i was the only goalie that night. I played well but constant odd man rushes and breakaways are not a fun way to spend sunday nights.
Monday brought another fun filled day of work. I really want out of that place by the way. And then came Bruce Springsteen. Over the past couple of years ive really got into bruce springsteen. Born to run became a staple song at karaoke. Dancing in the dark is always great and to see both of them preform live was amazing. Actually the whole concert was amazing. I dont know how these old guys go on for three hours non stop.
He was really good though. And seeing the E street band was cool to. All the memembers bring their own unique flavour to it. I didnt really get ending the show with American Land. I mean the more logical choice would have been Born in the USA. But then im not the boss. Bruce is. And he really played to the crowd well. You can tell he's been doing this for awhile. It really has been a great couple of days. Now if only i can get some decent sleep I'll be good.

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ps i still suck at rockband. Told ya we'd get back to video games.