Saturday, June 30, 2007

Music recommendations

Okay. So as I wait for my iPod to sync up all the classic rock I've just uploaded to it, I thought I would recommend you all some albums that I've been listening to. You may or may not all be listening to these as well. If you are Im sorry I've wasted your time. If you aren't. Check them out.

1. Wilco-Sky Blue Sky

I have never really been an alt country fan. In fact I've never really been a 'true' Wilco fan. I never bought into the hype of Yankee Hotel Foxtrot. Or Jeff Tweedy. That's not to say I never liked some of there songs or albums. I just didn't like it as much as some people I know. However when i came across Sky Blue Sky. I thought to myself what the hell. I took a chance and I gotta say I'm slowly beginning to buy into the hype a little. The first two songs didn't really grab me at first. Yet when Impossible Germany (the third track) hit my ears, well something just clicked. The entire album is outstanding even until the final track On and On. I've been hooked ever since that first listen. I've even gone back and listen to all the past albums and yes even A.M. I guess I'm slowly buying into Wilco. You should to.

2. Tokyo Police Club-A Lesson in Crime

Dancey, Poppy and all around Catchy. This Ontario based indie band has made a big impact. Well at least on my iPod. I swear I could have Citizens of tomorrow on constant loop and never get sick of it. Its the best futuristic robot conspiracy song out there today. Probably the only one. Regardless Tokyo Police Club makes upbeat music with well crafted lyrics. check them out.

3. We are Scientists-With love and Squalor

I was a little unsure I'd actually like this band. I don't even know why I decided to check this out (considering its a couple years old now). However I was pleasantly surprised. In fact I actually recognised a couple songs (although from where i don't know). Songs like Nobody Move, Nobody gets hurt draws you right into the album. Other key songs like Inaction, Cash Cow and Lousy Reputation keep the beat and keep you entertained. If anything this is a consistent album. For some reason I can relate to it. Minus the booze, drugs and relationship problems.

4. Arctic Monkeys-Your favourite worst nightmare

Okay. So I'm going to steal a line from one of the tracks in this album that best describes it. "D is for delightful and try and keep your trousers on!" The Arctic Monkeys put forth one of the best cds of the year so far. I don't really know how much hype they receive back over the pond, but I'm going to assume they're huge. They should be here as well. Unfortunately the latters not the case. The Arctic Monkeys make heavy dance rock fun again. Not that that ever wasn't the case. In any case if you don't pick this kick ass album up, well there really isn't a whole lot i can do about that. But if you do. You have made a wise choice my friend.

5. Bloc Party-A Weekend in the City

Im still on the Bloc Party kick. It was a tough decision of who should get the fifth and final spot on my list of recommendation. I've been listening to A LOT of music lately but this is probably my most played. From the get go I was blown away by this band. I usually like british bands for some reason, and this was no exception to that weird quirk of mine. Tracks like I still Remember and Waiting for the 7:18 are outstanding. I really couldnt say much more about this album other than its impressive from start to finish. Ya'll should pick it up.

Close Seconds:
Lilly Allen-Alright, Still
Decemberists-The Wife Crane
Feist-The Reminder
LCD Soundsystem-Sound of Silver

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Cant put into words.......

You all know how much of a comic dork I am. What you might not know is that I actually like the Fantastic Four. Alot. I was sorta excited to see the Silver Surfer on screen. However knowing how bad the first one was (which i still haven't seen) I was just a tad hesitant.
I tried to keep my expectations low enough as not to bring about my disappointment. However that was not humanly possible.
I've never been this bored in a comic book related movie. Hell I've never been this bored in a movie period. This was all around bad. I'm not even mad that they didn't make a good Fantastic Four Movie, I'm more pissed that they made a shitty movie in general. I want my ten bucks back. Seriously.
I cant put into words really how terrible this was. Good god that was awful. Comic book movies have to have a certain feel. This just made me feel violated.
Seriously marvel. Recast and Revamp. And please give me my ten bucks back.

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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

cast ye stones not at me.

For a long time now I have been a Nintendo fanboy. Hell I've even been known to wear a Nintendo shirt on occasion (cause Im a nerd). However lately I've felt left out of the gaming circle, and craving a next gen console. For awhile there, it was going to be the Wii. It really was.
On the one hand I still really like Nintendo. Yet, today I broke down and bought a Xbox 360 (premium edition). Yes that's right, the basement has a new edition! The reasons I finally decided to go through with the purchase was the following:

1. Nintendo may be fun but i am SICK of party systems
2. Microsoft needs more money
4. Nintendo wont stop rehashing the same game over and over again. As much as i love Zelda, i don't love it that much.
5. It was two hundred dollars below cost.
6. PS3's are way to damn expensive (though i came close today to buying one for 700) its just too much to ask.
7. first person shooters and button mashing is fun.
8. Mario Sunshine. I mean really what the hell!?

These reasons may or may not be valid. But before you go off ranting and raving about how I'm a sellout, know this. I made an informed decision before buying it. And frankly I don't care.

On a couple of separate issues: This Saturday will be xbox 360 day. All are welcome. I promise chips and salsa and booze. Nothing more.
Two: I love my new job. I cant really believe i get paid to do this. Its awesome. But I'll say no more about it.
Three: I'm going to be updating less here. Mainly cause of a)work and b)I'm out of rants. Well maybe that's not true but I'm going to turn this slowly into just reviews and stuff. Maybe eventually I may even do a podcast.....but I've been promising that for years and not delivering. So dont hold your breathe. Or do. Its a free country.

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