Friday, February 29, 2008


Im tired. I feel like bitching and then i remembered I have this form to do it in. Anyways I took Milynne to the canuck game on wednesday (her first). It was against colorado so naturally we lost. Although in retrospect it was a great game. And it was kinda cool to actually see what the hosts do at GM place.
Everytime i go to a canucks game and sit in the lower level though, they either loose in the last period or get blown out. There is no happy medium. I remember when i went to the toronto game a few years ago. This was back when we had Potvin. They lost with 6.5 seconds to go in regulation.
This time around colorado tied it up with 14.7 seconds in the third. Maybe im cursed? But at least it wasnt like the last time I saw the Avalanche play aka the Bert incident. That was a gong show.
Anyway aside from loosing in dramatic fashion there were a bunch of highlights. Like getting A list celeberity treatment just cause i was with someone who worked there. The fact that i was seven rows away from Luongo. Who has officially become my favorite canuck/player in the nhl. That glove save was amazing. Another highlight was seeing Bobby Orr. Oh and some dude named darwin won a million dollars.
I guess I am more of a canuck fan then i lead people to believe. But what i dont understand is why we fail to do anything signifigant at the trade deadline. Im sick of the "my hands are tied" excuse. Im tired of nonis sitting on his ass after getting Luongo. We have a seriously small window here to actually do something. We have a good team, we just need more fracking scoring.
Alright I guess thats enough bitching at our team. I got a busy month coming up this month. Im going to three concerts. Hawksley Workman, Jason collett and Bruce Springsteen. Should be good. Oh and another random thing is the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever has become a front runner for the type of dog i wanna get. They're so cool. Alright im out. Laters.

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Thursday, February 21, 2008


Its been almost a year since Jock (my dog) passed away. Actually maybe a little more than a year. I miss him alot actually, along with my cat (lucky). They were part of the family.
As it happens I was watching the westminster dog show the other day. It really got me wanting a dog again. Actually I've wanted a dog for a while now. All for selfish reasons. But I love dogs. And since my mom and the canadian government refuses to let me have a monkey (as im pretty sure its illegal) then a dog it is.
But what kinda dog will it be? I dont want another terrior. And I've had my fill of labs these days. I've pretty much had a lab or a retriever at one point or another since i was five. Maybe earlier than that.
I've always wanted a husky. I dont really know why. But I love that kinda dog. Course i may also go a little tiny bit smaller. Like a collie or something. Actually ever since I was a kid, I remember watching wrestling in the early 90s. I was a big fan of Davey boy smith aka the British Bulldog. He would always come to the ring with one. I thought they were always pretty cool to. Though im fairly certain my mom wont ever go for that.
Its sad but I even have names picked out already. Well im narrowing it down. So far the front runners are Aristotle or Andronicus. What? I like obscure literary refernces and greek philosophy. Although i may even go more obscure than Andronicus on the literary side. Dont think i havent thought of comic book names for inspirations. Logan and Thor are front runners to. What? Im still a nerd at heart.

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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

And we'll collect the moments one by one

So i just got back from the vancouver 2010 Cultural Olympiad (aka the Feist concert). My friend Milynne and i went together and i think we both came to the conclusion. This was not what we were expecting at all.
First off the crowd was a mix of the elite and the hipsters. Its very surreal to be sitting four rows away from the priemer of the province. I mean Im pretty sure Gordon Campbell doesnt listen to Feist. Infact i think half the people there hadnt. I know the two people infront of us didnt.
Aside from the strangeness of the crowd.There were the 2010 mascots, cause no one celebrates its heritage like canada. There was also Ben Mulroney hosting the event. Lets just say. Im not a fan. The guy plugged canadian idol like there was no tomorrow. However once he and a few other speakers shut up it was on to the show.
The vso (vancouver symphony orchestra) just came off a Grammy win and were an easy highlight of the event.
It kicked off Suzie McNeil who sang some song called believe. She had a good voice actually. She only did the one song which apparently was some olympic thing. But it was still impressive.
Next up was Leela Gilday. She was a pretty good folk singer. Didnt really blow me away. But then again i was eagerly awaiting Feist. So im sure i didnt give her a fair chance.
Jorane was another new comer id never heard of. She sang all of her songs in french. It was....interesting. Actually to be fair she had a really good voice and could belt out a note. I just had no clue what she was saying.
Ron Sexsmith was another i was eagerly anticipating. I'd always heard Rich talk about him. I listened to his last cd before the show and didnt hate it. But honestly he was actually really really good. I was a little unsure of how his performance would be but i enjoyed it in the end.
Now on to Feist. Let me just say this woman rocks. Shes so damn cute to. And you cant really apprecate her till you see her live. Its amazing. I didnt get to hear secret heart but my new favorite song Sea Lion Woman kicked ass. She kicks ass. The banter with the crowd is great to. And her duet with Ron Sexsmith was a highlight of mine. I also loved the fact that the VSO played with her. Really if you ever get a chance to see her play go. You wont regret it. I didnt. What a great night.

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Sunday, February 10, 2008


Out of all the creatures in the world to be afraid of; you'd think ladybugs would be on the bottom of a totem pole.
I mean Im afraid of a lot of things. Spiders, sharks, snakes. Hell even some other bugs come to mind. Ladybugs are now moving up the ladder though. Why you ask? Well its simple. My room has become a safe haven for these disgusting little creatures.
I swear though, these are no ordinary ladybugs. These are the bugs spawned from the darkest reaches of hell and mordo itsself. Im not kidding.
I dont even know how they keep getting into my room. I dont know why they would want to get into my room. I have no heat. I have no plants. I was going to buy a banzai tree for myself but after this exeperince, im thinking thats not the best way to go.
I dunno maybe i need to seend these creatures a message. I've tried everything else. Ive cleaned, bug sprayed and still they make there way here. Hell ive even taken them outside carefully and placed them into trees and they still come back. What are they plotting? Why must they torment me so?
Ive lost patience with them. I know were all part of this whole circle of life thing but im afraid these creatures have left me with no other recourse. Ive found a giant boot. The next one i see is meeting an untimley demise. I mean how else am i going to solve this? Suggestions?

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