Friday, March 28, 2008

New Job.

As i kicked yet another crackhead out of the store today, I came to the realization that I hate my job.
At first it was fun. I mean the staff was great. Some of it still is. But this is not what i want to do. I dont want to deal with crackheads who are hopped up on something on a daily basis.
Like today I had to kick one out who refused to leave and took off his shoe for some reason. Apparently he thought thats where his money was. Course that was probably just the crack talking.
Im done with being a cashier though. Im done with shitty pay. Im done with the little things bugging the crap out of me. Lets see what else am i done with? Oh. Im done with selling booze to addicts. Im done with the smell of booze. Im done with smelly people. Im done with smelly money.
The only thing im not done with is making money. So im off to look for a new job. Actually im looking for something closer to the teaching feild. Seeing as how that is the actual career i want to be in. Im trying to convince myself not to quit until i have something thats another paycheck. A better paycheck. And has less of a risk of being hazzardous to my health. I've totally lost my train of thought cause msn keeps flashing at me. So i better wrap it up.
Conclusion. Want better job. Need more money. Done with shitty jobs.

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Sunday, March 23, 2008

These are the hangover days.

Went to see the Jason Collett concert with rich tonight. Thanks again rich. But yeah on to what i thought of the show. For those that care. I guess I'll start with the bad. There's not much i can nit pick at other than the fact that it was too damn short. I dont care that people wanna dance. People can dance to freaking Collett! Well apparently thats not actually the case.
Anyway I kinda look at this now as a warm up to whether or not I would actually go to a Blue Rodeo concert. Collett and Jim Cuddy have very similar styles. Its really laid back pop rock. But with great songs such as We all loose one another, Fire and Hangover days you really cant go wrong. Then again you cant really go wrong with Lost together either.
I dont really know why i enjoyed this concert so much. But i did. It would have been nice had i caught more than two songs of the opening act. But thats my own fuck up really. Ah well I paid for Collett and in Collett i got a great entertaining show. Well worth the low low low price of admission.
The venue isnt to bad either. Considering it was really a nightclub venue. The plaza had a really good set up. Good stage area. But not the greatest sound system. But then again these days you get what you pay for.
Anyway Collett was great. The next venture i have to look forward to is Springsteen but i think the inner hipster in me is looking forward to Metric a tad more. Both are going to be good times. Anyway im out.

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Thursday, March 20, 2008

after quite some time we'll be who we were

There is always three things that I will always consider a big part of my life. Music, Friends and Family. Well four if you count comics. They make me who i am. And lately I've relied on friends a lot more. Tonight was no different. Tonight Derek and I ventured forth to brave the hipsters and the scenesters, to attend what would be a great show.
I've always been a big music fan. And lately Ive adopted the philosophy that music is very therapeutic. It can get you through the rough times and show you a good one. Tonight accomplished both of those.
Hawksley Workman is an accomplished musician. In fact i had no idea just how accomplished he was. A multi talented singer song writer Workman plays several instruments to entertain the masses. Not an easy task.
Not only instrumentally is he talented. But man what a voice. Its easy to see that Hawksley has really come into the zone as of late. Especially on his latest album Between the Beautiful. The venue was a perfect setting for Hawksley to showcase his latest creation.
Part of the reason however tonight was so great, was the mixture of current and classic Workman. Not to mention playful covers like Beyonces Crazy in love or the culture club just to name a few and there were a few.
But what really won me over for tonight was Workmans playful banter with the crowd. From his personal stories about his family to his Adam Sandler impression. Workman knew how to really work the crowd. Pardon the awful pun.
The second thing that won me over tonight was the venue. See it wasn't at the orpheum or the commadore. It was at St. Andrew's Wesleys church. The acoustics in this venue complimented Hawksleys voice amazingly. Course it didn't hurt that we we're two rows away from the speakers.
The latter half of the performance really rocked the house. But it was the strip down intimate displays of Workmans latest creation that was worth the price of admission. I'd defiantly recommend catching a Hawksley performance if you can. Great Show.

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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The rest is still unwritten.

Its funny. People have been telling me to chill out for a while. That I've been looking far to stressed. And I guess I should have been listening to them. I've been feeling a little bit complacent lately.
However something happened today that, though hard, has made me come to realize that perhaps i have been drifting. Just a little. As such I'm going to try hard to adopt a new philosophy. Get back into the swing of things. And just make some small changes that I should have made a while ago.
One thing however that will not change. Is my sad pathetic obsession with a little show on MTV called the Hills. It chronicles the life of Lauren Conrad and friends. Just as addicting as this non stop mtv drama, is the after show. The after show, which is a panel discussion hosted by MTV personalities who then discuss the current Hills episode you've just seen.
I'm seriously looking forward to the season premier on March 24th. I don't know quite what it is that i find so compelling. All i know is they're hot

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