Saturday, May 28, 2005

Giving the People what they want.

Since this blogs conception, there has been Durnken Dunning. And apparently Durnken Dunning has been in high demand these days. I've even had requests of making a separate blog for all the hilarious hijinks. Yet, that requires too much effort. Plus I think it takes away from the spontaneity of Durnken Dunning. Anyway I've decided to include a Durnken Dunning section on this blog. Im sure over the course of the summer months it will be updated, on more then one occasion. Though lately Im running low on rum and money. So I guess the question is, who wants to buy me booze?

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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Modest Mouse

Great concert. Id give it a A- overall, the opening band was alright. I forgot what they were called, but they put on a pretty decent set. There cover of White Riot by the clash was interesting. Modest Mouse was great though. My favorite three songs of the evening probably would be the view, float on and paper thin walls. Though over all it was all good. Anyway that's it for me tonight.

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T-minus a bunch of time before the Modest Mouse concert. Hooray!

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Tuesday, May 24, 2005


Im pretty bored right now. You all have probably already heard this, but its being reported that for the next Spiderman movie Topher Grace will be playing the role of one of the villains. In X-men news its also being stated that Kelsey Grammer is being placed for the role of Beast. I really don't know what to make of that one. Also apparently Kitty Pryde and Angel along with Juggernaut are all going to be in the sequel. Man I really need more stuff to blog about.

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Saturday, May 21, 2005


Today was the first time (in a while) that I actually won a poker tournament. I was actually getting some decent cards for a change. Compared to what I usually get, the dreaded seven four off suit. It was nice to see some decent cards for a change.

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Friday, May 13, 2005


This post goes out to my new friend Bolton. You da man Bolton, just keep living the life and maybe one day you'll go to FSU like me.

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Saturday, May 07, 2005

Partially drunk dunning

so as the title of this post says. I am more then partially drunk. Infact I don't even know why Im bloging at this point. Anyway, today was a pretty good day. Today I decided to pull a graham and exceedingly walk a large distance for no particular reason, other than I can. So I walked to coquitlam centre from my house. Which is a fair distance in itself, yet only took 46mins give or take some time for the bank. When I was in the bank I saw Rich's evil twin, he was dressed like rich, looked like rich but he was no rich. How do I know this, well because he was evil and rich is not. Anyway tonight we actually tried to do something more active. We played some bball and baseball which is essetially the other bball in some park. It was good to do something different. Speaking of, you all wanted it, you all begged for it and by you all I mean (Rexin and Vick) but I think I have to get in shape. If anything I have to start running more. I mean if I can walk to coq centre I can surely go for a run every other day. Not like I got anything going on. Oh yeah, I went and wrote *****'S Scarlet Johanssons recommendation. Though already I've forgotten what I wrote, check ****'s site for the 411. That's pretty much all I have to say at this point. Im going to go charge my iPod and puke it should be fun. Um, I was going to say something more but I cant remember what. OC is a great show and I recommend you all watch. I live vicariously through it. Um I will work out more, it is my new pledge. Unlike my old pledge which was work out less. and uh alls fair in love and war except war which is not really fair at all. How awesome am I? I am awesome ten fold....CAUSE THAT'S HOW I ROLL....That's right I got peeps all over the continent of North America, and I assume in Asia too. Anyway that's all for me. Im going to go write some more and then read tommorow if I can. Which is a big if.

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Current Wish: That one day I rule the Universe......or draw power from it like He-man
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Tuesday, May 03, 2005


I have my Ipod. It was definitely worth the purchase. So far I've put only about 5-7GB of songs on it, but that's pretty much the majority on my hard drive.
On to other things. Im finding my self becoming addicted to celebrity poker as of late. Aside from 24 (and possibly Dance 360) its the most addicting thing on television these days. I was watching it today and one of the Baldwins was on, he was acting insane, or drunk, I really couldn't tell. He kept saying he was the devil and singing opera. It was pretty awesome actually, James Woods was on it too, and that guy just scares the crap out of me. I forget who actually won the thing, man I would love to be on that show. But I would first have to A) become a celebrity and B) learn how to play better poker. I cant remeber the last time I actually won a tournament. Im starting to think that this should be my new goal for the summmer.

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Sunday, May 01, 2005

Family Guy.

Anyway, I dunno if anybody saw it, but there was a new episode of the Family Guy on Fox tonight. It was actually pretty cool, a lot better than I was anticipating. This was followed by that American Dad, which was pretty much a poor mans Family Guy. I mean it had its moments but just lacked a certain something. Anyway that's just my opinion.
In other news Im buying my Ipod Tuesday. Why Tuesday? I believe the real question is why not Tuesday. Anyway, I tried getting it last week, but both Future Shop and Best Buy were sold out; A&B Sound asked way to much for it. But come Tuesday it will be mine, oh yes it will be mine.

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