Monday, September 15, 2008

Keeping ya'll updated.

So. Well theres a lot to cover here, I guess I should start with the concerts. There's been a few in the short span here. Starting with Airbourn. It was an intense show. But then what else would I expect from a band that sounds exactly like AC/DC. The opening acts were basically forgettable. Seeing as how i forgot about them. Although i did like it when the first band called one of their songs our "we are the world" and its actual title was "Ive got rabies" Then proceeded to scream the ssymptoms of rabies for the next five freaking minuets.
The next concert in recent memory banks was the New pornographers show at Stanley park. Where I was impressed more so by the opening acts then the headliner. But to be fair I had seen the headliner four times now. And I was more excited to see the likes of Black Mountain and was impressed by the 1900's so overall it was a great show.
Next up aside from the concerts I went to are the ones coming up. Such as AC/DC, Neil Young, The Raconteurs and I think that's it.
I also went to whistler this weekend and stayed at Chateau DE Megan. It was actually a pretty fun weekend, minus the vomit. Sorry again Megan. I managed to do a lot of hiking and even took a canoe out. Yes i did both voluntarily. Whistler really is a great town and i cant wait to return to go boarding in the winter. sometime.
Now all that being said. The really big news. Is that i got into PDP, the teaching program at SFU. Yeah that's right. There going to let me teach kids. This has been certainly a long time coming. And though there was moments of self doubt, I got in. It still really hasn't sunk in that I did it. I accomplished a goal. And it feels awesome. Scary. Intimidating. But awesome. Life has a funny way of sometimes working out. And I hope i can meet this challenge, this new chapter head on.

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