Saturday, July 21, 2007

The last one falls.

Well I did it. With much kicking and screaming I have joined facebook. I didn't want to. I still don't want to. And I probably wont even use it all that much. So why I joined the evil that is facebook I really don't know. Please don't hate me if I reject you as a friend. But if I haven't talked to you in 10 years why do you want to talk to me now? God I hate facebook. What have I done?

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Sunday, July 15, 2007

He fishes with a bow now.

Though nothing can surpass the greatness that was Arnold Schwarzenegger's 1985 Commando. The latest installment of the Rambo series comes close. Ladies and Gentlemen prepare yourself for John Rambo

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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Runaways Review

Okay. You may or may not know it but for a while now Brian K. Vaughan has been a favourite comic scribe of mine. I first got introduced to Vaughan in his run on Y the Last Man (which is fantastic by the way). So needless to say I wanted to see what else he was up to.
Then I heard about Runaways. Well I heard about it late and only because Joss Whedon, writer and creator of Buffy the Vampire Slayer was taking over the project. So naturally with that news I was more then a little intrigued.
So what is Runaways exactly? Well basically the premise is this. Its a group of teens 17 and younger, they discover that their parents are evil and in fact crime lords. So naturally they run. Which is good, cause then the title would seem a little pointless.
Anyway the plot seems simple enough, but this book is so much more than a bunch of kids on the run from the law. Its humor, pop culture and well crafted story lines. When I read the final issue of the first hardcover where Rebel without a Cause was quoted, I think that's where it hooked me.
The second volume was just as entertaining. Even more so perhaps. A lot of the situation that Vaughan puts his characters in are typical "teen issues" but with a twist. The characters deal with sexuality, love, leadership and finding true family. Which when you think of it, is really kind of surprising given that this book was originally aimed at a younger audience.
The character of Molly Hayes may be one of the youngest Marvel characters that i can think of in recent memory. Aside from maybe Franklin Richards (~shudder~). However Molly is at least tolerable. In fact funny at times. In the third volume that starts by hearkening back to Charles Dickens's Oliver Twist you begin to understand why this character appeals to people.
I guess my favourite aspect of the book is the encounters with other Marvel characters and how its played up. Vaughan pulls out the obscure references with a couple of Cloak and Dagger appearances. Of course a few more of the main stagers show up as well. However even the heroes reinforce the theme that adults are not to be trusted.
Overall Brian's Run (pardon the awful pun) on this book was entertaining. Mr. Whedon's seems to be just as good so far. The one knock on this series would be the Art. It didn't really grasp me but then it was originally aimed at younger kids, so its at least understandable. The only other thing I could think of is, that it reminded me a lot of Buffy at times (which isnt really a knock).
At any rate this book is at least worth checking out. However, don't go in expecting Y the Last Man. There's no Monkeys here (so far).

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Thursday, July 05, 2007


I will never say another bad thing about Michael Bay. Or at least I'll try very hard not to. Without giving to much away Transformers was everything that it should have been and more. Was it perfect? No. I have (like so many fans) my own personal grudges with minor changes or exclusions.
For instance when Megan Fox states "You shoot, I'll drive" Michael Bay should have had The touch begin to blare in the background. Had that happened I think i would have "geeked out" even more so.
I've never been this emotionally invested in a movie. Well not since Serenity. And these are two very different movies. Every time Optimus Prime came on screen I had literal Goosebumps and my heart swelled. I was five years old again, and with prime every step of the way battling the evil megatron.
I read a lot of reviews and heard some hype goin into this movie, so I had some expectations. Granted there were some corny dialogue. But overall the acting in this was good. I mean its giant alien robots beating the shit out of each other. So I think we can let that slide.
I really defy anyone to go into this and not come out with a smile on your face. You will enjoy this movie. Transformers fan or not. This was simply good. I haven't had this much fun in a theatre in a really long time. I walked out with a permanent smile on my face that's still there.
Optimus Prime continues to be a role model to young and old. And in the end that’s more than I could ever ask for.

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