Thursday, December 11, 2008


I guess i should really start blogging again. I cant believe that its been three months. Have i really been that demotivated? Well i guess so. Its not as if this readership is ever expanding. Or that exciting things happen to me that are news worthy.
So what have i been doing with my time? Good question. Once i retrace the steps and find out how i got here, well, I'll keep you all informed. However, I have one little fun fact that I've come across this past year: Ive gone to approximately 30 concerts this year alone. 30! I knew it had been alot but apparently i have a huge problem. So i guess its time to come clean. I am a concert addict.
I suppose there are worse things to be, not to mention do with ones time, but the numbers don't lie. And i don't seem to be kicking this habit anytime soon. With Metric and Broken Social Scene with Tegan and Sara coming over the horizon.
But its not as if this isn't all in good fun. I think to close out this blog for 2008 I'll do a recap of all the concerts i can remember going to. Who knows it might even be worth a read. I cant really think of a way to go out here so..........

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